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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Camera buyer beware!

A very interesting and educational link has been posted by a dpreview forum user in the Open Talk forum. This site sheds some light on some of the online retailers: http://sheddingsomelight.com/buy-cameras/cameras-index.html

Good B&M deal: Nikon D50 kit at Ritz

Ritz is offering a D50 kit with a 28-90 Quantarray lens for $550, along with a $50 gift card and a free 19" Ritz teddy bear. This effectively brings the price down to $500 (assuming you can use or sell the gift card) and a ...teddy bear!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sears ad

  • $140 Fuji A400 (4mp 3x)
  • $230 Nikon L2 (6mp 3x 2" LCD, AA)
  • $190 Kodak 5mp camera (no zoom) + printer dock
  • $290 Kodak 5mp 10x zoom camera + printer dock
  • 512MB Kodak SD card $35 after $10 mail-in rebate

  • Office Depot camera ads

  • $75 mail-in savings off any digital camera 6mp or more (excludes bundles, DSLRs and clearance).
  • Kodak C643 $155 after mail-in savings
  • Olympus Stylus 710 $255 after mail-in savings
  • Sony H2 $325 after mail-in savings
  • Canon A540 $205 after mail-in savings
  • Kodak C530 $130 plus $10 gift card instantly
  • 512mb SD Dane-Elec $20
  • 1GB SD Kingston $30
  • 1GB Sandisk MemoryStick Pro Duo $35

    Enjoy :-)

  • Saturday, May 27, 2006

    Fry's Deals

  • Olympus IR 4mp 3x $100
  • Olympus Stylus 600 (6mp 3x) $200
  • Olympus Stylus 710 (7mp 3x) $250 with free 512MB xD card
  • 5mp unknown brand $97 with free 512MB SD card

  • Sunday, May 21, 2006

    Photography book recommendation

    This book deals with a very fundamental subject of photography, film or digital: exposure. This classic book has been recently re-released to include coverage of digital and has been one of the top selling photography books according to bookscan. The book is... Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson $15 at Amazon

    Online digital camera deals

    • Panasonic FZ20 $320 at Amazon
    • Samsung UCA5 (5mp, 3x) just $100 at J&R (jr.com)
    • Olympus IR500 (4mp, 3x, 2.5" LCD) $130 @ J&R
    • Fuji A345 (4mp 3x) $100 @ J&R
    • Kodak V530 (4mp, 3x) $190 @ J&R
    • Panasonic FX8K $250 @ J&R
    • Olympus SP350 $250AR (after rebate) @ J&R
    • Nikon L4 (4mp 3x, AA) $130 @ Adorama
    • more coming soon...

    Purchasing a camera using the Amazon links above supports this blog so it can find even more exciting low-price bargains for you :-) You can also support this blog with any Amazon purchase through the links below:
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    Digital Camera deals in the Sunday Paper

    As advertised in the sunday paper of May 21:

    Listed at the top are the most attractive deals in my opinion. The rest are in random order :-)
    As always please do your own research before making a purchase :-)

  • HP E317 (5mp3x) $90 @ BestBuy
  • $130 for HP camera and printer bundle @ Office Depot. Camera is 5mp/3x/2"LCD, printer is 428xi 4x6 GOGO. While supplies last!
  • Casio EX-Z57 (5mp, 3x, 2.7" LCD) $200 @ Sears
  • 25% ad-coupon for all discontinued cameras at Longs Drugs. The ad is also available inside the stores. While supplies last
  • 1GB Kingston SD card $15 after rebate ($15 rebate) at Fry's (limit 1 per customer)

  • $20 Target gift card when you buy these big zoom cameras at Target: Panasonic LZ3, Kodak Z740, Fuji S5200
  • Fuji A500 (5mp3x) $150 @ BestBuy
  • $30 gift card with purchase of Casio EX-Z600 @ Circuit City
  • Circuit City finance special: 24-months no interest for camera/camcorder purchases over $500
  • Free 256MB SD card with Canon A430 purchase $150 @ Circuit
  • Kodak Z730 $200 @ compUSA
  • Sony P200 $250 @ CompUSA (nice little camera, getting harder to find)
  • Free $20-$25 gift card with purchase of Canon A530, A610 and A620 @ Office Depot
  • Olympus SP350 (8mp, 3x) $250 after $50 mail-in rebate, and $50 instant savings. Free 512MB xD card w/ purchase.

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