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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

V - the Complete Series just $12 at Amazon!

V - the Complete TV series $12 at Amazon - 19 episodes, total of 900 minutes. Great deal for V fans!

Three discs, 900 minutes of content includes 19 episodes of the original TV series. Sold separately are the mini-series "V - Original Mini-Series and "V - The Final Battle". They are cross-linked from the link above :-)

Use those SD/MMC cards to play some music!

For just $13, with free shipping, this fairly unknown brand is sold by Surplus Computers for $13. Take 1 AAA, and uses SD/MMC. No internal memory, and no memory card included. Formal name: Huke MP3 WMA Music Player USB 2.0 Expandable to 2GB SD

Adorama prints special on 11x14

$1.99 per, as seen in the weekly Adorama email and probably on their website.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Remanufactured Panasonic DVD recorder for $110

Panasonic DVD recorder, remanufactured: Model ES20, Silver, on Amazon

Panasonic DVD recorder, remanufactured: Model ES20, Silver, on Amazon

Comic Relief for Speed Readers: Pork Subs from Crutchfield

The latest emailer from Crutchfield has a title of "Free Polk Sub". But if you are a speed reader, and if you are hungry, you are more likely to read this as "Free Pork Sub" :-)

Prepare for Cyber Monday!

Online retailers are trying to create an online equivalent of Black Friday by setting forth the Monday after Black Friday as "Cyber Monday". They will offer various good to great deals, a lot of them around lunch time, targetting office workers taking their lunch breaks in front of the computer. Since there are different times zones, there will probably be various deals.

Some websites with Cyber Monday information:

Official Cyber Monday website
Google Search
Wiki entry

Sony S500 $130 at Staples

This is a nice deal for an entry-level camera price for a fairly decent camera. To check the camera reviews, visit dcviews.com and select Cameras, then Sony, then find this model number.

Available both online or in-store at Staples...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Top three Black Friday digital camera deals!

It's not too late (assuming the items are in-stock). A lot of retailers stay open until late and they may be able to restock some of the items.

Here are the top three digital camera deals:

* Panasonic LZ3 (silver, aka LZ3S), $100 at Fry's
* Olympus SP320 + camera bag $170 at Office Max
* Casio EX-Z60 around $150 at Target, Radio Shack among others

Memory cards as low as $10 for 1gb and $20 for 2gb at various places and after rebates...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NewEgg ads!


* Canon SD600 $211
* 1gb PNY SD card $15
* 42" Panasonic plasma HDTV $1000

Black Friday deals at Ritz and Wolf Cameras

* 1gb Panasonic SD card $20
* Eneloop new technology rechargeable AA NiMH battery charger with batteries $25
* 4pack of AA batteries as above for $12
* Quantaray tripod $40
* Casio EX-S770 $300
* Dakota 8x21 folding room prism binoculars $10
* Nikon L4 $100
* Canon A530 $127
* Sony PSP $200
* Fuji A400 $100

Target black friday

* Casio 6mp,3x digital camera $140 hot deal!
* 7" LCD digital frame from Trutech $68
* Memorex 2gb mp3 player $64
* Trutech home theater $48
* emerson stainless steel microwave $35
* magnavox 37" LCD HDTV almost $1100
* Memorex dvd player $25
* westinghouse 19" lcd computer monitor $150
* philips micro hi-fi $80
* $4 select DVDs movie including harry potter, geisha, batman. Other DVDs at $6
* $9 DVD movies such as X-Men 3 and Walk the line
* various toys deals
* Turbo Hockey 54" $40
* queen size airbed $17
* various clothing deals

Black Friday at Best Buy

* $3 select DVD movies including White chicks, best friend's wedding, jerry maguire, hitch, something's gotta give, big fish, groundhog day, matilda, bad boys II, 50 first dates. Great for movie lovers! $3 per DVD! Wow!

* $5 select DVD movies including Charlotte's Web, cat in the hat, beautiful mind, memoirs of a geisha, hulk, wimbledon, field of dreams, X2, into the blue, wedding date, madea goes to jail, dazed and confused

* various videogames starting at $5

* $6 music CDs, including the "now that's what i call #23" compilation, keith urban's love pain and the whole crazy thing, janet jackson, justine timberlake, etc

* $7 music CDs including Audioslave, Beyonce, John Legend, John Meyer, David Bowie (best of), AC/DC, Tenacious D, Ice Cube, 30 seconds to Mars, and a lot more

* $15 select single-season DVD sets from Smallville, Will and Grace, Seinfeld, Friends, Entourage

* CSI Season 3 DVD set $20

* Sandisk Sansa M240 2gb mp3 player $35 hot deal alert!

* Insigna 8" portable dvd player $70

* eMachines entry-level computer bundle $190 WOW!

* HP Centrino notebook $380

* 32" LCD HDTV from WEstinghouse $480
* 42" LCD HDTV from WEstinghouse $1000
* 50" plasma HDTV from Toshiba $1700

* 4gb green Apple iPod nano $200
* 2gb Sandisk Sansa E250R $100 mp3 player

* Nikon 5mp,3x digital camera $120

Black Friday at Office Depot

* $300 Toshiba Satellite notebook after rebates
* Haier 42" plasma HDTV $800 after rebates
* Sansa 2gb mp3 player $50 after rebates
* 19" Hanns-G LCD monitor $120 after rebates
* Coby dvd player $15 after rebates
* $75 off select digital cameras over $200

Digital Camera deals on Black Friday

* Olympus SP320 + free camera bag $170 at Office Max
* Samsung S700 (7mp,3x) $120 at Circuit City
* Panasonic FX3K (6mp,3x,MegaOIS), $180 at Circuit City
* Kodak C743 (7mp,3x) $130 at Best Buy

non-camera super deals
* Syntax Olevia 32" LCD HDTV 232V $475 at Circuit City
* Panasonic 42" plasma TV $1000 at Best Buy
* Syntax Olevia 32" 532H LCD HDTV $369.99 after rebate at Micro Center
* Syntax Olevia 37" 337H LCD HD-Ready $499.99 after rebate at Micro Center
* Syntax Olevia 42" 542I LCD HDTV $799.99 after rebate at Micro Center
* $10 gift card with purchase of $50+ at Big Lots

Black Friday websites






Wiki entry

Google search

Weekend deals at Office Max

All offers are available November 23 through November 25:

* Olympus SP320 + free camera bag $170 great deal!
* Brother 210C four-in-one just $50
* Sandisk 1gb mp3 player Sansa C140 just $50 hot deal?
* usb cup warmer $2 (oh dear!)
* 50pk magnavox DVD-R or DVD+R $8 (16c per)
* kodak C433 + free accessory kit $80
* HP M425, 5mp,3x digital camera + free printer $120
* 20" LCD monitor $200
* olympus 1gb xD card $20
* sandisk 2gb sd card $25
* sandisk 1gb ms duo pro $20
* usb fan $2
* usb massager $2
* usb light $2 (those can be handy!)
* Delta TV stand $70

Black Friday at Walmart

Friday, Novemember 23, 5am to 11am...

* Viare 42" TV at $988
* 20pc Faberware stainless steel cook set $60
* V-smile learning system $30
* women's cashmere sweaters $29

Fry's deals right now!

AR = after rebate

digital cameras
* olympus FE170 (6mp,3x) $127
* Panasonic TZ1K $270
* Sony 6mp,3x $180, model name not mentioned
* 1gb AData SD card $5 AR
* 1gb olympux xD card $19
* 1gb Lexar MS Pro Duo Platinum II $15 AR
* 4gb Trascend CF card $40 AR
* 4gb Transcend SD card $40 AR

Wow DVD sales galore!
* LOTR Trilogy (the old theatrical DVD sets, not the extended ones), $20. A very good price! BUY IT NOW!
* Season 1 of OZ, Gilmore Girls or Seasons 1 thru 3 of Smallville, just $14 for each single season!
* $7 DVD movies including Notebook and Blade Runner

the rest
* Toshiba DVD recorder $77, no model name mentioned, records to DVD-R and DVD-RW
* Panasonic DVD player $49, no model name mentioned
* Panasonic CD/mp3 player $30
* 1gb pqi flash drive $10 AR
* 16x internal dvd writer $30 AR
* HP notebook with dvd burner, AMD turion 64, $550 AR
* 2gb Apple iPod Nano Silver $144

Black Friday at Staples!

Black Friday is Friday November 24, 2006.
AER = after Easy Rebate; can be submitted ONLINE; no need to mail anything.

According to the online ad for Staples, they have the following early bird specials:
* 32" MAG LCD HDTV $500AER, 6am to 10am, in-store only
* 19" Optiquest/Viewsonic LCD $130AER
* $100AER camera deal! HP M425 (3x optical zoom, AA)
* 60pk Playo DVD-R or DVD+R blank media $3AER
* SanDisk Cruzer 1gb USB Flash drive $8AER
* 60pk Staples glossy paper $3AER
* Free software AER: McAfee Internet Security 2007, CA Internet Security 2007 3-user edition,
* Free AER: Staples 6-outlet surge protector

The following specials are good for Friday and Saturday!
* various memory card deals, including 2gb Sandisk SD $30
* Canon A620 + free printer bundled together in a box $250
* Nikon L6 $180
* Sony T10 $300
* Olympus Stylus 710 + free 512mb card $250
* Canon SD630 $270
* Kodak C703 $150
* Kodak Z612 + free 512mb card $330
* 50pk HP blank DVD-R or DVD+R $10
* 25pk HP blank DVD-R or DVD+R $6
* free AER shredder with purchase of select tax software (it's not April yet!)
* $30 AER Creative Labs 512mb tiny mp3 player
* 5.6" digital photo frame $70

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This week at Circuit City

From Sunday November 19 through Saturday November 25:

everything else
* $600AR Toshiba notebook
* $900 Sylvania 37" LCD HDTV, HDMI, no rebate
* Nintendo Wii $250
* new Zune $250 with 65 free downloads
* 1gb Apple iPod $80
* $9 greatest hits CD from Ginuwine, Jagged Edge
* $8 JayZ CDs (Black, Blueprint)
* eMusic annual subscription + free 512mb mp3 player for $70
* $4 DVD movies including Rambo, Rush Hour, Under Siege, Matrix
* $28 for LOST Season 2 DVD set HOT DEAL! Same price for season 2 of Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives
* $60 Panasonic DVD-S1 silver dvd player S1
* $70 Philips HDMI HD upconverting dvd player DVP5960
* 26" Polaroid LCD HDTV $550; no rebates!
* 26" Sharp LCD HDTV with built-in dvd player $750; no rebates!
* 32" Polaroid LCD HDTV $730; no rebates!
* 50pk TDK DVD-R or DVD+R for $11 (22 cents per blank DVD)
* entry-level Compaq computer bundle $320AR
* 10% Olympus voice recorders
* Free after rebate: Zone Alarm Anti Virus
* Comcast high-speed internet special offer (free modem + gift card bonus)
* Seinfeld Seasons 1 through 6 $15 per season; Season 7 at $30
* Jay-Z Kingdom Come $10 with bonus CD with 3 extra tracks
* Alicia Keys fan club membership pack for $16 (title: Unlocked)
* U2 18 singles with two new tracks $10, or $19 for the deluxe edition

digital cameras
* For the Samsung NV digital camera series, you get a gift card equal to 10% of the price of the camera
* A variety of other cameras also offer gift cards equal to 10% of their MSRP price
* Olympus E500 + two-lens kit + 1gb card $800
* pink/orange 6mp,3x Polaroid digital camera $130
* Canon D-Rebel with kit lens + $100 gift card for $800
* 1gb Polaroid SD card $10AR
* 1gb Olympux xD card $25AR

(AR = after mail-in rebate)

This week: Virgin Mobile deal at Walgreens

Buy a $30 Virgin Mobile phone card and you can buy the Oyster phone for just $10 (instead of the regular price of $30). This is a great deal if you are interested in a pre-paid phone service!

Monday, November 20, 2006

This week at Office Max

Some deals, some bargains, some so-and-so...

Digital cameras
Olympus and Fuji: free 512mb xD card with the following cameras
* Fuji F650 at $200
* Olympus Stylus 1000 $380
* Olympus FE170 $150

Free 512mb SD memory card with these cameras
* Kodak C533 $130
* Canon A540 $200

Free 512mb MemoryStick PRO DUO memory card with these cameras
* Sony T10 $330

Free 1gb memory card with these cameras
* Canon SD630 $280
* Kodak Z710 $280
* Olympus E500 + two-lens kit $750 DSLR!
* Sony A100 with 18-70 kit lens $800 DSLR!

The rest
* Photoshare 7 digital photo frame $100
* various gifts, some useful, some totally not, some MacGyver-like
* Targus notebook chill pad $20
* espresso-finish bar stool $25
* 22" Viewsonic Widescreen LCD Monitor, 5ms, 700:1 $400, no rebates!

This week at Office Depot

Apart from the $400 27" Olevia LCD HDTV mentioned below, there are some other interesting stuff and nice deals and bargains at Office Depot this week:

* Kodak C530 $50. Wow! A $50 brand name camera! No rebates! While supplies last...
* WOW!special $75 mail-in rebate on select digital cameras : Canon A540 $125 after MIR, Kodak C875 $175 after MIR, Sony H2 $305 after MIR and Canon A630 $225 after MIR WOW!
* free printer after mail-in rebate with purchase of the above digital cameras

Everything else
* 1gb Dane-Elec SD card $10 after MIR(25)
* 100gb Maxtor Internal ATA hard disk drive $20 after MIR(60)
* Philips 1gb mp3 player $30 after MIR($40)
* Compaq basic laptop $350 after two MIRs($270)
* Hanns-G 17" LCD $90 after two MIRs($110)
* 100pk Ativa brand DVD-R or DVD+R $18. Nice price! no rebates!
* 512mb mini-SD or micro-SD $10 after MIR
* PC bundles as low as $300 after MIR
* decently spec'ed HP AMD laptop $550 after two MIRs
* 50% on all fax machines over $99 after MIR, similarly on copiers over $249, monochrome laserjets over $399, and single-function inkjets over $199. All after MIR!
* Microsoft Fingerprint USB Reader $10 after MIR($10)
* 50pk Maxell CD-R $7; no rebates!
* Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite, FREE after two MIRs, no upgrade needed

(MIR = Mail-In Rebates; rebate value follows in paranthesis)

$400AR 27" LCD HDTV at Office Depot!

Advertised in the weekly flyer found in the Sunday paper...

This is an Olevia 27" LCD HDTV, Model 427V, limited quantities, price is $400 after a $170 mail-in rebate. In store price is $570.

This is amazing, a 27" HDTV for $400! But as usual when the price is that good, they may be hard to find, so don't get your hopes high...

Friday, November 17, 2006

More deals coming soon...

The elections and other things have slowed down the postings in this blog. But more will be posted in the next few days!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sanyo Eneloops on Amazon! (Eneloop)

Eneloops are new rechargeable NiMH batteries from Sanyo that retain almost all of their charge over a long period of time (low rate of current discharge). This is a significant advantage over current and previous rechargeable NiMH batteries that lost their charge a lot faster than Li-Ion batteries.

They are available on Amazon in three packages at the moment. Click on the pictures for the links to Amazon and if you wish to support this blog, you can make a purchase through the link :-)

  • All Sanyo Eneloops at Amazon
  • GE/Sanyo Charger with 4-pack of AA Eneloop NiMH, around $22
  • Compact charger + 2-pack AA Eneloop NiMH for around $15
  • 8pk AA Eneloop NiMH for $20 (down from $25).
  • 4pk AA Eneloop NiMH for around $12.50.
  • 4pk AAA NiMH for around $12.50

    Claims made by GE/Sanyo of energy efficiency of rechargeable Eneloops AA NiMH compared to traditional rechargeable AA NiMHs:

  • Blog expanded to more tech deals

    Since digital camera buyers are usually big fans of high tech, electronics and sci-fi, this blog is slowly expanding. Here are two great first-season DVD set special sales at Amazon. Free shipping for orders over $25, and both of these qualify for free shipping.

    Stargate Atlantis Season 1 DVD set, sold by Amazon for $16

    Dead Like Me Season 1 DVD set, sold by Amazon for $16

    Friday, November 03, 2006

    Adorama email specials

    For those subscribed to Adorama emails, their latest email has some interesting deals, mostly on accessories, such as:

    *** $60 LowerPro bag with free shipping,
    *** 35mm Lomo fisheye film camera for $40 with free shippings
    *** $15 Olympus deluxe kit including 4 AA NiMH batteries
    *** four Gary Fong lightspheres

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