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Sunday, January 28, 2007

This week at Radio Shack

From the Sunday paper, here are some interesting items:

  • 58" sturdy Targus tripod $20
  • Kodak C433 (4mp, 3x optical) $80 Clearance!
  • Sony S500 (6mp, 3x optical), $130 Clearance! If you don't mind MemorySticks, this is a nice deal!
  • Kodak C875 (8mp, 5x optical), just $180 Clearance!. Another bang for buck deal, but obviously don't expect to get a miracle camera at such a low price...

    Electronics in general
  • 2gb Sandisk SD card, $40, no rebates!
  • $7 for a 25pk of TDK DVD-R or DVD+R, 16x speed, no rebates!
  • 32" Akai LCD 720p HDTV $700
  • 32" Panasonic or LG LCD or 37" Scott LCD, both $900 and 720p HDTV
  • sandisk 1gb mp3 player with 20 FM, photo playback, $70, no rebates!
  • sandisk 1gb flash drive $20, no rebates!
  • $29 Philco dvd player
  • various cellphone deals including a $20 RAZR (with 2-year agreement)
  • 2gb Apple Nano silver, $150, authorized reseller.

    Deal rating for Radio Shack week: B+

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