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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today at Amazon

movers and shakers

  • some older models have apparently resurfaced as clearance items from 3rd party sellers and have made some big jumps. they appear to be out of stock right now.
  • Fuji a400, $90 via Adorama
  • AMBICO V-0615 Extendable Mini Tripod, $7
  • Remember when shopping at Amazon and buying from a 3rd party sellers, especially when the price is lower than average, to check the sellers credentials. Some of them are established companies with a long history in the business such as J&R, Cameta Camera, Office Depot, Target, Adorama. Be cautious when seeing retailers with catchy names that you have never heard of them before and super low prices
  • Kodak Z650, $190 via Adorama
  • Kodak C433 $90 via TigerDirect
  • Sony A100 + 18-70 kit lens, $707

    top sellers
    1. canon sd600
    2. canon a540
    3. canon sd630
    4. canon sd700is
    5. canon a710is
    6. canon sd900 tit
    7. canon sd800is
    8. fisher price kid tough camera boys (I kid you not, this is an actual product)
    9. fisher price kid tough camera girls (I kid you not, this is an actual product)
    10. canon s3 is
    11. Fuji V10 gray $150 sale price!
    12. kodak c875
    13. olympus stylus 710 silver
    14. canon s2 is
    15. canon d-rebel xti with kit lens, black
    16. sony N2
    17. canon d-rebel xt with kit lens, black
    18. canon a630
    19. fuji a400, $90 via Adorama!
    20. Sony w50

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