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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sanyo Eneloops on Amazon! (Eneloop)

Eneloops are new rechargeable NiMH batteries from Sanyo that retain almost all of their charge over a long period of time (low rate of current discharge). This is a significant advantage over current and previous rechargeable NiMH batteries that lost their charge a lot faster than Li-Ion batteries.

They are available on Amazon in three packages at the moment. Click on the pictures for the links to Amazon and if you wish to support this blog, you can make a purchase through the link :-)

Claims made by GE/Sanyo of energy efficiency of rechargeable Eneloops AA NiMH compared to traditional rechargeable AA NiMHs:

  • All Sanyo Eneloops at Amazon
  • GE/Sanyo Charger with 4-pack of AA Eneloop NiMH for $25
  • Compact charger + 2-pack AA Eneloop NiMH for $20
  • 8pk AA Eneloop NiMH for $20 (down from $25).
  • 4pk AA Eneloop NiMH for $13.
  • 4pk AAA Eneloop NiMH for $13

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