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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Camera deals at Longs

  • Olympus FE-210 $150
  • Pandigital 5.6" digital pictures frame with r5emote and 2 interchangeable frames $90 while supplies last
  • 1gb Sandisk SD card $25, xD at $30. Not the lowest of prices.
  • coupon for 17c digital prints online or in-store for 1 hour processing. Instnat prints are 29c each
  • coupon for 99c for a CD with film or digital processing orders
  • Pioneer photo album, 100 page magnetic (TR-100) or 300 pocket 4x6 for $5
  • standard processing one set of prints plus photo CD $6
  • Kodak power flash one time use camera 27ex or 200 speed color print film 4pk 96 exp $8

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