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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

8/7/07 Camera and Photo deals round-up

  • HP R837 (7mp, 3x optical) $180 online at Office Depot
  • New calendar of workshops published by Adorama. Workshops start at $150 each, details here. Bryan Peterson, Arlene Collins and Bob Krist are some among the teachers. Bryan Peterson is offering the Master session (10am-5pm) Understanding Exposure and Learning to See Creatively. If the title sounds familiar, he is the author of the book with the same name!
  • Free photography basics online classes by HP. Details (four classes in photography including a beginners, beyond the basics, baby photos, and camera to printer class)
  • Walmart advertises the new Kodak M-series M753 for $150 even
  • Lots of daily deals at Cameratown! including Olympus, Nikon, MWave, CF cards, Axion, Lexar, Canon, Panasonic and a lot more!

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