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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Digital camera deals at Office Max tihs week! (Sony H2 for $200!)

While their friends at Staples have not published a circular for the 2nd week in a row, Office Max has posted up their usual weekly circular. Regular shoppers are already aware of this, but Office Max is allergic to rebates, which makes them a good place to shop for people who want nice prices without the hassle of sending in rebates.

Anyways, enough talk, how about some cameras? Sony and Minolta lens owners will be thrilled to know that the Sony A100 with the 18-70 DT kit lens is on sale for $600 even! That's the only dSLR advertised this week. This may not be available in all stores!!!

A super bargain for thrifty long zoom fans is the Sony Cybershot H2 for $200 even, no rebates, no nothing. This is an older camera, but given the mixed feelings and reviews of the Sony H7 and H9, perhaps this may be the best bang for the buck in the Sony H-series line-up. This is a 6mp 1/2.5", 12x stabilized, AA-based camera!

Among the cutesy cameras (aka ultracompacts), the Sony SD750 with a 1gb SD card is $280, while the Olympus FE-250 with a 512mb xD card is $180, promoted as a special purchase.

Speaking of special, the Kodak C613 is bundled wiht the Kodak printer dock, 1gb Lexar SD card and a digital camera starter kit containing the usual assortment of basic accessories (bag, ancient NiMH batteries and charger, mini tripod, etc) for one low price of $160. This is a good absolute beginner starter kit! Basically for $160 you have the camera, the bag, the home photo printer and dock, and even a mini tripod. Not bad!

The value line is led by the Kodak C653 at $100 even, the Fuji A800 at $120 and te Canon A560 at $150. It's hard to complain about these prices, especially the first two, which are while supplies last!

Among the memory cards, what stands out is a Toshiba 1gb SD card for $10, or a 2gb for $20. As you can see this is a nice circular for a change! Some nice bargains can be found if that's what you are looking for or you are sitting on an Office Max gift card. For more details check their website or visit your local shop!

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