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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hot sellers at Amazon right now

To quickly check the deals mentioned here, visit the Amazon website or click on the Amazon logos in this blog.

As we peruse the cybershelves of Amazon Foto, we stumble upon these items of interest:

Everybody's favorite pocket camera, the Canon SD1000 is down to $205 right now. Yes almost two hundred for this Elph cutie! But if you wanna climb up the Elph ladder, the SD800IS which starts at 28mm wide is $292, while the SD850IS is $309.

The venerable A-series offers great values for money, such as the A570IS for $169 or the A630 for $200 or the A560 for $136.

Crash-landing price-wise is the buyer's gain as the Canon S5 IS is now down to $345 (from $500 just a few weeks ago). If you prefer fewer megapixels and a lower price, the S3 IS can be yours for $288

If you are a Rebel looking for a cause, you just found one: The Digital Rebel 400D XTi with 18-55 EF-S lens, black finish for $693. Yes, they are under $700 now. If you prefer to get one without the bundled kit lens, the sticker price is $612. Competition is good! If you want a step up the DSLR ladder, the 40D is shipping via Ritz Camera for $1300 even (the list price, a bit too early to discount it)

The glory days of Sony are gone, now their best selling cameras are their cheapest cameras. The Sony W55 is at $180-ish and available in different fashionable colors. Also dropping in price is the W80, currently just five dollars above $200.

At $130 via Crutchfield you can get a Sony Cybershot, yes the S650 featuring a 7mp 1/2.5" sensor and 3x optical zoom, along with AA and rootkit stick (oops memorystick). Or you can get the S700 for $140.

If you want a cute Sony t-series without breaking the bank, the T20 pink is available via Cameta Cameras for $255.

Hugging the $300 line is the Sony N2 available at that price via the good people at J&R World. A bit of a unique camera but it has never really found a mass-market appeal - because if it had, there would have been an N3 and N4 already :)

You may have never thought this day would ever come, but it has, a Nikon DSLR with a 18-55 DX kit lens for $500. Yes I am talking about the D40 of course. A brand new Nikon DSLR current model for $500! Be sure to check the lens compatibility though because this one is geared towards the newer lenses.

Not to be outdone by the crashing of prices, the Nikon Coolpix L10 is available for $100 even!

Fighting off the Digital Rebel XTi 400D at about the same price is the Nikon D40x with a kit lens. Yes, the Canon v Nikon battle is on! This is a one-on-one battle!

The Stylus 750 at $170 (7mp, 5x optical, and weatherproof) is a reasonable bargain if you can stomach xD memory cards and Olympus's silly requirement for panoramas. If this camera featured the dual xD/SD card slot that Fuji cameras started using a few months ago it would have been a best seller!

The Panasonic FZ-series continues to pick up in popularity and with the release of the Panasonic FZ18, the Panasonic FZ8 has become a nice bargain, especially considering that this camera supports RAW! Get yours now!

The Fun-Zoom camera of the year, the TZ3 is available for around $300, depending on the retailer and the availability of the body color of your choice (blue, black or silver)

One of the biggest superzoom with IS bargains is the Kodak Easyshare Z712IS at the low price of $219. At $113 the C653 is a good starter or toss around camera (6mp, 3x optical). If you like your megapixels by the pound, try the Kodak Z1275 at $215, paying for less than $20 per megapixel ;-)

Another great super zoom bargain, but without IS is the Fuji S700 (S5700) at $195. Also bargain price is the A900 at $157. Although it also uses the 9mp 1/1.6" SuperCCD sensor, this camera is not on par with the S9000/S9100/E900. Be sure to check the reviews as always.

Another sexy looking "bijou" camera at an affordable price (albeit with xD) is the Fuji Finepix Z5fd available in trendy fashionable colors for around $160.

One of the biggest bang for the buck camera in terms of IQ and features is the Fuji S6000fd currently at $310 before rebates. This camera uses the magic 6mp 1/1.7" SuperCCD sensor. Going against it is the lack of image stabilization of any sort and the exclusive use of the xD card.

A bang for the buck DSLR, especially for K-mount owners is the Pentax K10D, now at $700 after a $50 rebate. This is the camera that forced the competition to add more features to their mid-range DSLRs. And while the Canon/Sony/Nikon mid-range DSLRs are above $1000, you can have this guy for just $700AR!

If $100 is too much, how about $90 for a 6mp, 3x optical camera, the Samsung S630? Yes, just ninety dollars! Samsung is anxious to increase their market share, and this camera is a classic market share grabber model available in silver or black.

Not wanting to miss the $100 camera party GE lowers the A730 to that price. This is a 7mp 3x optical camera, but do read the reviews first.

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