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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Office Max Labor day weekend sales (9/2 - 9/8)

The Sony H2 is just $200 BARGAIN ALERT!.

At just over $100 ($110) you can have the HP M537. Then we have Kodak V1003 with free 1gb card is $200 even. Same price, same offer goes for the Canon A570-IS as well. At $170 you can get the Fuji A900 and 1gb SD card free. At $130 you get the Olympus Fe210 and a 512mb xD card. A 512mb memory stick duo pro comes with the Sony Cybershot w80 at a price tag of $230.

On the memory card front, a 2gb Lexar SD is $20, or $13 for 1gb. A 1gb Olympus xD is $20 (twice as much as an SD card!), and exactly the same price as a 1gb Lexar Memorystick pro duo blah blah platinum II.

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