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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Triple bonus Camera deals at Office Max this week (Sony S700 for just $130)

This week's circular at Office Max touts their triple bonus deals.

Triple Bonus deals
If you purchase the Kodak V1003 or Z712-IS, you receive a free starter kit, a 1gb Toshiba SD card and a memory card reader. The starter kit appears to include the usual assortment of a memory card wallet, mini tabletop tripod, camera bag etc. The prices are reasonable for brick and mortar, the V1003 is $200 and the Z712-IS is $250.

Other camra deals

  • Bargain Alert!!!! Sony Cybershot S700 and 1gb MemoryStick for $130 in-store price! Bargain for Sony fans!!!
  • Fuji A900 at $150 and only while supplies last
  • HP Photosmart R837 $150 while supplies last
  • Olympus FE-250 with free starter kit $190
  • Canon A570IS with free 1gb SD card $200
  • Sony W55 $200, not the best of prices
  • Kodak Z885 and 1gb SD card for $200

    Memory card deals
  • 1gb Kodak SD memory card for $15, 2gb for $23
  • 2gb Lexar SD card for $23, 1gb for $13
  • 2gb Lexar Platinum II Compactflash card for $29
  • 2gb Olympus xD card for $40 (almost double that of the xD cards)
  • 2gb Lexar Memorystick Pro Duo Platinum II for $30

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