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Monday, October 29, 2007

What's new at Circuit City and Best Buy this week?

Let's see what we have this week advertised by Circuit City and Best Buy. As always, retailer prices are usually higher than online discounter, but if you need an item in a hurry or you have a gift card to use for a particular retailer store, these can be handy.

First, let's look at Best Buy. At $100 you can get a nice entry-level bundle, the HP M547 in an exclusive green-ish color with a matching case. This is a 6mp, 3x optical camera with a 2.4" LCD. Nice! Next up, the Kodak M883 is $180, the Sony W90 is $250, Kodak V1253 at $270, Panasonic TZ3 for $300 even, and the brand new Canon SD 870 IS for $350.

On the DSLR front, we have four Best Buy bundles, with the Sony A100 with a 2-lens kit for $800, the Nikon D40x with a two lens kit for $900, the brand new Canon 40D with the EF 28-135 and 70-300 for $2050 and the big Canon 5D with the Canon Pixma Pro 9000 photo printer for $3500.

As far as accessories, the Kodak 10" Easyshare SV-1011 digital photo frame is $200, while PNY's 2gb 133x P-SD2G-133W-RF3 Optima Pro SD memory card is $30. With this memory card you get a bonus of 10 images downloads from the National Geographic. The Kingston 4gb SD4/4GBKR HC card is $40, the same price as the Fujifilm 2gb xD card. Sandisk's 4gb Extreme III CF card, the SDCFX3-4096-001 is $70. For USB backup users, the PNY 2gb flash drive with Readyboost, P-FD02GHSP-RF is $20 and the 4gb version is $40, model P-FD04GHSP-RF.

Last but not least, if you buy any of the advertised digital cameras, you get a free $@5 prepaid photo center card you can use at the Best Buy Photo Center powered by Kodak Gallery.

And now on to Circuit City where the brand new Sony T200 is bundled with a 1gb free memory card for $400, and the W90 with 1gb free card for $250. Or perhaps the Sony S700 at $140. To go with those, a 4gb Sony MS Pro Duo, MSXM4GS is $70, or a 2gb Sandisk SDMSPD2048A11 MS Pro Duo for $30.

Canon has four cameras featured, with the S5 IS at $400, the SD870IS (yes, that's the one that starts at 28m wide) for $350, the mass-market SD1000 for $200 even with a free 1gb SD card, and the Canon A702 IS with 1gb SD card for $250.

And now the moment we've all been waiting for, the Kodak C513 has arrived. Yes, this 5mp, 3x optical zoom camera is generating some buzz because it uses a Kodak CMOS sensor, instead of the CCD sensors used by most of the major manufacturers. The price is $80 and it is priced just right to grab market share during the holiday shopping season.

Neanwhile Casio offers the really tiny Exilim EX-S880 with a 1gb card for $220 (not bad!), while Nikon's D40X with the 18-55 DX lens is $700. A few more memory card deals round out the circular advertisement.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Digital camera deals at Best Buy this week

What does Best Buy have in store for us this week? Yes, the pun was intended!

If you are a Sony fan, they are putting the Wow back with the Sony T70 at $300. 2gb SAndisk Memory sticks are $35 each. More from Sony as the W80 is avaiable for $210.

Canon has a price drop, the Elph SD850 IS that was just recently reviewed at dpreview is now $300. Also stylish is the Nikon C
Coolpix S51, in an exclusive Navy Blue color for $250. Another exclusive color, this time a fashionable black for the Casio EX-V8 which sells for $280. Do read the reviews.

But if you prefer a more affordable camera and small size and cuteness is not a priority they do have some interesting options: The Panasonic LZ7 at $165, the Fui F480 at $160 (starts at 28mm eq), the Kodak M753 at $130 and the Kodak C613 at exactly $100. Yes, $100 for a 6mp, 3x optical, 2.5" LCD camera. Nice?

On the accessories front, a 2gb PNY SD card costs $25, while a Westinghouse 8" LCD digital picture frame, DPF-0802 can be yours for $130. Also be on the look out for new Liz Claiborne fashionable bags and carrying cases for your electronics. Available in stores or online.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Digicams at Circuit City this week

We start with the back cover camera, the Sony Cybershot W55 with a free 1gb memory card for $200 even. You can certainly find it for less, but this is brick and mortar, not an internet discounter. Speaking of Sony, the 2gb Lexar MS Pro duo, SDMSPD2048A11 is on sale for $35. Also from Sony the T70 is at $300 even, while the Sony A100 with the 18-70 DT lens and the 75-300mm lens are packaged together in a City Deal for $800 total.

The only other advertised DSLR is the Canon Digital Rebel XT 350D (aka the 8 megapixel one) with the 18-55 EF-S and the 75-300 EF lens, bundled together in a City Deal for $700. Also from Canon we have two Elves (okay, Elphs), the brand new SD950-IS (12mp 1/1.7" sensor, IS) with a 2gb card for $450 (ouch!), or the more affordable SD850-IS (starts at 28mm wide) for $300.

Kodak's budget superzoom-IS Z712-IS is offered for just $230, not a bad camera for the price range. Also from Kodak, a bundle, the Easyshare C613 and the Printer Dock for $160 together. A good bundle for someone who is starting over and wants to make prints at home.

Olympus is crying because they had to drop the price of the new Olympus SP-560uz down to $400 with a 1gb xD card included. Olympus wanted to sell at $500, but Panasonic's FZ18 came in at $400 and forced everyone (Canon included) to drop their prices. The buyers love it, the accountants hate it. Also from Olympus, the delicious (not del.icio.us) Stylus 790SW is available in four appetizing colors, while the more silvery FE-280 is $200 flat.

Hey, don't forget about us cry the HP cameras. The R742 is available in an exclusive Circuit City red color (how fitting) for $150. It is your run of the mill 7mp 1/2.5" 3x optical, LiIon, SD, 2.5" LCD P&S, with a free 512mb SD card.

Last but not least, the new Samsung S73, available in four delicious colors, including lime, pink and artcic cyan neon blue (or something like that) for just $130. This is a blister pack packed camera, so if you hate those, make the Circuit City guys open it for you :) After all, customer service is "state of the art" there :) Some of these colors are exclusive at Circuit City. The camera itself is a 7mp 1/2.5", 3x optical, SD, 2.5" LCD, AA model that closely resembles the Samsung S730.

This concludes the cameras offered, now lets' accessorize! For $25 dollars you can buy together a Lowpro REZ050 camera bag and a Digipower 1800C AA charger kit. Judging from the picture and the model number these look like old 1800mah batteries, so be (a)ware! A number of memory cards are on sale, with the standard 2gb Sandisk SD at $25, and the Ultra II version at $30, and the Extreme version at $35. Staircase effect?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Digital camera deals at Office Max (Oct 21 to 27)

Office Max as you know is the home of no rebates, so all the specials mentioned here require no rebates at all!

A nice bundle is the Olympus FE-210 with a Digital Concepts 1-hour charger with 4 AA batteries as a free bonus for $130. Cleary an entry-level camera, it is of interest to Olympus fans, xD owners and those not allergic to xD.

But if you are allergic to xD, we have plenty of SD cameras on sale. At $120 the HP Photosmart R837 can be yours. At $130, you have a choice of two Kodak Easyshare models, the C413 or the C613. Isn't that special? :)

And better yet, a triple bundle, the Kodak C613, the Printer Dock and a 1gb K-Data SD card, all together for one price of $160. Not bad for a starter kit!

If you are bitten by the Canon bug, the cutesy SD750 Elph is $250, while the steady Powershot A570IS is $180. Sony fans has their day in the sun with the W80 and a free memorystick for $230.

Accessory wise you can get a 7" Mustek digital photo frame for $60, or a Kodak 8" for $120. One more inch doubles the price? Wow! Meanwhile Lexar memory card are on sale, starting at $13 for a 1gb SD and $50 for a 4gb Platinum II SD.

Digital camera deals at Radio Shack

It's Samsung paradise at Radio Shack as you can find a number of affordable Samsung models at reasonable price. The limited availability S73 model, which resembles the S730 in specs and looks is available in a blister pack for $130, both online and in-store. If you want a step above the S73, you can get the S850 (8mp 1/1.8" sensor, 5x optical) for $150. If you want to stay under $100 instead, then the S630 is the right one for you at $90 (6mp, 3x optical). This is the market share grabber model from Samsung.

Casio fans can get the EX-Z75 with a free SD card for around $180, while Sony fans can get the S700 with a 256MB MS Pro Duo (how generous!) for $150. And Olympus fans can get the brand new FE-280 with a free 1gb xD card for $200 even.

On the accessories front, the Targus 50" tripod is on sale for just $10. Yes, just ten dollars. At this price you can use it as an experimental, backup, or throwaway tripod. And for AA battery users, a 4-6 hour Radio Shack branded charger with two AA NiMH batteries included is only $10. These are obviously not the new ons that retain their charge over time. And for memory card buyers, the 2gb Sandisk SD card is at $25, not the lowest retail price but handy if you need one in a hurry.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Digital cameras at Staples (Oct 21 to 26)

First: Attention Canon Powershot buyers! Free Canon MP470 all-in-one inkjet printer after mail-in rebate with purchase of any Canon Powershot digital camera! If you intent on purchase a Kodak or an Olympus digital camera, you get your free printer after mail-in rebate as well: The Epson R280 photo printer.

And now to the cameras, at $100 you can get the Kodak Easyshare C613 (6mp, 3x optical). If you want a more stylish and compact Kodak, the M853 is available in different colors and just $150. At the same price, but a more advanced camera is the the Canon A560. The A560 offers PSAM which is crucial for those who want to learn more about photography. Next up in the price range is the brand new Olympus FE-280 for $200. That's about it camera wise I'm afraid.

You can get a 2gb Sandisk memory card for $25, and you get 20% off by Easy Rebate of any Wenger computer case and backpack.

Digital camera deals at Fry's Electronics

Hello Fry's Shoppers! There is some excitement in this week's weekend ad.

Let's start with the budget end of the spectrum. For just $79 you can get the Samsung S630 which is a 6mp, 3x optical, SD, AA, 2.5" LCD camera. Why so cheap? Because Samsung is buying market share. That's right! They want to become the #3 in market share globally and this price range certainly appeals to buyers of all incomes.

Next we move to the compact and fashionable segment where the Panasonic FX33 can be yours for $247. At the same price you can get the Casio EX-Z1080, a sister model to the EX-Z1050 that got a nice review by dcresource. This uses a 1/1.8" sensor instead of the smaller 1/2.5" or 1/2.35" usually found in the fashionable compacts. Also using that sensor is the 10mp Sony N2, a slightly older camera but with a touchscreen. It is in the same price range, $250 to be specific.

Next up we have the Olympus SP-550Uz superzoom at $350. Not exactly the best among the 18x superzooms, but it has its following. On the plus side it supports RAW, but some people may prefer the Panasonic FZ18 or the newer Olympus SP-560uz or the Fuji S8000fd instead.

And last but not least, a barrage of Olympus DSLR advertising, perhaps to coincide with the launch of their new flagship DSLR, the Olympus E3. So what do they advertise DSLR-wise?

The really compact DSLR, Olympus E410, is available in three configurations as follows: The E410 body only is $560, bundled with one lens is $640, and the two-lens kit is $720. As it is typical with the Olympus kits, the biggest bang for the buck as you can see is the two-lens kits. Both are digital lenses, compatible with 4/3rds DSLRs.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Camera deals at Office Max

As you may recall, Office Max is the home of no rebates. So what you pay is what you pay! First off, they have the Olympus FE-250 with a digital camera starter kit for $190 as a special while supplies last purchase. Then the Fuji Finepix A900 with a starter kit goes for $170, a new low price of OMAX. Want a cuter camera instead? The SD1000 with a 1gb SD card is just $200. Bargain alert!

Another bargain alert is the Sony Cybershot S700 at $130, while the Canon S3 IS with a 1gb SD card can be all yours for $250. At $180 you get the Sony W55.

And that's all I'm afraid, however the Canon SD1000 at $200 with a 1gb card, and the Sony S700 at $130 are great deals!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Columbus weekend specials at Staples

All digital cameras mentioned below receive a 1GB PNY memory card plus FREE printer after rebates!

Two entry-level cameras at $130 are fighting for your dollars, the Nikon Coolpix L11 and the Olympus FE-210. Two more advanced cameras, well worth the extra few dollars are the Canon A560 at $150 and the A570IS at $200.

If you prefer more fashionable cameras, the Sony W55 is $200, the Canon SD1000 is $250 and the Canon SD750 is $300. The last one does not have an optical viewfinder. And that's all there is as far as digital cameras are concerned.

You can get a 2gb Sandisk SD card for $20 which seems to be the official bargain price of brick and mortar stores ($10 per gigabyte). If you prefer Ultra II, both the SD and the CF are available for $25 each. If you are a SonyStick fan, you pay a premium, $35 per.

Chasing the digital camera bargains

If you are reading this, chances are you want to find some really good deals or prices. And so do I! So is there a magic formula for finding a great deal? If there is, what are the ingredients? Let's see...

1) Good timing! Nothing beats being at the right place at the right time. You know, you walk into a store and realize that a $400 camera is on clearance for $200. You go to a website for find the last available unit in a super low price. You can't plan for these, you can't train for these. Certainly shopping around and browsing around increases your chances but there are dozens of stores and hundreds of websites. Luck is a factor!

2) Networking Have a network of online and offline bargain hunter friends, so whenever a great deal comes around, you'll find out before the masses. This increases your chances of actually finding it in stock :)

3) Price-matching This is often forgotten, but you can bring the price down by asking for a price-match since a number of places will actually give you a 105% or 110% price match guarantee.

4) After purchase bargain hunting Some websites or credit card programs offer a 30-day or 60-day price drop guarantee. The bargain hunt does not end when you buy the product in these cases. Keep your eyes and ears open!

5) Bargain hunting forums and sites Fatwallet, eBates, TechBargains, and hundreds more. These are great places, but they are addictive. So beware. Also once something is posted there, it spreads like wildfire, so your chances of finding it in-stock decrease. The idea is to find the bargain before.

6) Make your own bargain! That's right, while nt as lucrative as finding a super deal, you can make your own bargain. Use a combination of coupons, price-matching, store rewards programs, credit card rewards programs, and online rewards programs. Here are some DYI ideas:

  • If you are going to buy a $500 camera from CircuitCity.com, don't go there directly. Go to FatWallet, or Upromise or ShopAMEX or ShopDiscover or Chase Rewards or Citi Bonus Cash or Thank You Networks. You will earn a percentage of the transaction, eg 4% back. That's $20 in this case.
  • Also use a credit card with a rewards program, many cards have a flat 1% on all purchases. AMEX had a 2% promo a few weeks ago. That's another $5 to $10 off.
  • If you have online or print coupons use them!
  • If you are a AAA member, check their website for varioud discounts. They currently have a 10% off Circuit City, so that's another $50 off.
  • Does a store have a free rewards program? That's another 5% in cashback or rewards for some items at Circuit City, so that's another $25 off.
  • Check for pricematching ideas. Does Best Buy sell it for $450? Ask for a price-match! An extra discount right there!

  • Monday, October 01, 2007

    Digital camera deals at Circuit city this week

    As we mentioned earlier today, you can save an extra 10% off at circuit city if you are a AAA car club member.

    One DSLR is advertised in this week's circular, the Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D with kit lens for $750. You can save an additional $50 if you buy it with the EF 75-300 lens.

    Two superzooms are advertised, the fun Panasonic TZ3 at $300, and the Sony H7 at $360. Then there's the brand new 12 megapixel SD950IS for $425.

    In the more affordable price range, the HP M547 is $110, the Canon A560 is $140, the Nikon Coolpix S200 is $200, which is also the price for the brand new RED Olympus FE280.

    Last but not least, is the Canon A710IS bundled with the Canon CP730 printer for $250, no rebates.

    10% off at Circuit City for AAA auto club members!

    This dpreview forum discussion mentions that AAA members (the auto club AAA) may be able to get a 10% discount off their Circuit City purchases. The discount appears to be on top of sale prices, so you should be able to get a really nice brick and mortar deal! This is only good for paying AAA members. Perhaps this is as good of a reason to join AAA? :-)

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