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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Digital camera deals at Fry's Electronics

Hello Fry's Shoppers! There is some excitement in this week's weekend ad.

Let's start with the budget end of the spectrum. For just $79 you can get the Samsung S630 which is a 6mp, 3x optical, SD, AA, 2.5" LCD camera. Why so cheap? Because Samsung is buying market share. That's right! They want to become the #3 in market share globally and this price range certainly appeals to buyers of all incomes.

Next we move to the compact and fashionable segment where the Panasonic FX33 can be yours for $247. At the same price you can get the Casio EX-Z1080, a sister model to the EX-Z1050 that got a nice review by dcresource. This uses a 1/1.8" sensor instead of the smaller 1/2.5" or 1/2.35" usually found in the fashionable compacts. Also using that sensor is the 10mp Sony N2, a slightly older camera but with a touchscreen. It is in the same price range, $250 to be specific.

Next up we have the Olympus SP-550Uz superzoom at $350. Not exactly the best among the 18x superzooms, but it has its following. On the plus side it supports RAW, but some people may prefer the Panasonic FZ18 or the newer Olympus SP-560uz or the Fuji S8000fd instead.

And last but not least, a barrage of Olympus DSLR advertising, perhaps to coincide with the launch of their new flagship DSLR, the Olympus E3. So what do they advertise DSLR-wise?

The really compact DSLR, Olympus E410, is available in three configurations as follows: The E410 body only is $560, bundled with one lens is $640, and the two-lens kit is $720. As it is typical with the Olympus kits, the biggest bang for the buck as you can see is the two-lens kits. Both are digital lenses, compatible with 4/3rds DSLRs.

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