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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Analyzing the Camera and Photo Black Friday deals at Best Buy

Please keep in mind these are "rumors", not official, according to the list at GottaDeal.com. Check all the Black Friday deals at GottaDeal.com.

From that long list, we take a look at what is of interest to digital camera users. Are there any deals worth the suffering and the anguish of Black Friday shopping?

DSLR wise, the Canon Digital Rebel 350D XT with the kit lens and some acessories are $700. I don't know what accessories they are going to include, but that doesn't sound too exciting. Remember, the XT (350D) is not the latest D-Rebel. The XTi (400D) is the 10 megapixel Rebel. Not that megapixels really matter that much.

If you love cutesy Elphs with 3" LCDs, the Canon SD750 at $220, which I guess is a good price for brick and mortar, but it currently sells for $210 at Amazon.

The very stylish Fuji Z5fd, pink color (Breast Cancer model) is $140. This is a nice deal for brick and mortar. The current Amazon price is around $150, depending on color. But whether the extra $10 or $20 in savings are worth the hassle it is up to you. This is an ideal deal if you are already going to Best Buy regardless, or you have your eyes set on something else. Be advised though, this one uses the xD memory card only and it is a slightly older model.

Kodak fans will be thrilled with two nice deals, the Kodak Z712 IS for $190, yes folks, an IS-based 12x zoom for under $200, and the basic C613 with a 5.6" digital photo frame for $100. Both are nice deals. The Z712I goes for around $220 on Amazon.

Nikon fans just get the navy color version of the Coolpix S51 at $200.

Software wise, the Adobe Elements 6 bundled with Premiere 4 (video) are $90. Worth it?

Memory card wise, a 4gb PNY SDHC card will be $28. Not bad if you are a fan of the PNY brand of memory cards! Sandisk has a number of memory related product, the most interesting appears to be a 4gb Memory Stick Pro Duo for *gasp* $35. A memory stick for under $10 per gigabyte? Sony fans, this is for you because there are no Sony digital cameras advertised for Black Friday.

For all the details on these, and all the other crazy doorbusting Black Friday deals be sure to visit GottaDeal.com. But don't blame me (or them) if you spend too much money on Black Friday :)

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