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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Analyzing the Circuit City Black Friday camera and photo Deals

The best source for all the Black Friday deals is GottaDeal.com. There you will find detailed information on all the products offered by the major stores on Black Friday. Since there's so much stuff out there, it can be overwhelming, so here we will be analyzing the camera and photo deals offered by Circuit City. Complete details of their ad at GottaDeal.com.

Let's see what cameras we have. Be sure to check for camera reviews, sample pictures and user reviews well ahead of Black Friday. If you have a list of five cameras you have your eyes set on, do your homework before Friday. As a last resort, while digesting the big Thanksgiving meal, and looking for an excuse to avoid the relative that never stops talking, grab the laptop and start reading through camera reviews :)

But remember, retail stores usually have higher prices than online discount retailers, so you should be comparing with other retail stores, not the online discounters. Otherwise, you can just get them online.

Bargain Alerts!
What is probably a nice bargain regardless of retailer location is the Casio EX-Z75 red at $140. This is yet another one of Casio's cuties, with the samller 1/2.5" sensor. Nice price!

The Sony S700 will be available for $100. This is a very nice price for a Sony camera, assuming you can stomach the use of a Memory Stick Pro Duo. If you are a Sony fan, go for it!

Fuji's film rival, Kodak is offering a camera with a printer dock bundled all together for $130. Entry level bargain alert!. This is good for people who are just starting out and want to be able to print at home from the camera without hassle. Needless to say this is a very basic camera and you do have to buy Kodak inks and papers, which is perhaps the purpose of this camera/dock bundle :) The camera is the 6mp, 3x optical Easyshare C633 and the dock is the G610.

The Olympus FE-280 will go for $130, which is not a bad price at all for this camera. Of course buying this means you have to buy xD memory cards which are only used in Olympus and Fuji digital cameras and nothing else (other than memory card reader drives, stand-alone or embedded in computers, printers, photo kiosks, etc). Plus Olympus has the obnoxious requirement that you use an Olympus branded memory card if you want to use the in-camera Panorama feature. Of course there is a simple workaround to that to make every memory card brand compatible but this is a horrible PR move by Olympus. Compounded by the xD memory card oblivion, this is for Olympus fans only! If you are not an Olympus fan, look elsewhere :)

Okay prices
The Casio EX-Z1050 will be offered at $200. This camera got a very positive review at dcresource a couple of months ago. You can certainly not go wrong with this price.

The Canon A720 IS will be offered at $210. This is a new 2007 model that was offered at a starting price of $250. This was intended to be a darling camera of the big box retailers because it has a lot of features and a very nice price. You can already get this camera for $198 at Amazon right now.

Fuji offers the A900 for $130. Not a bad price for retail, but the camera is $136 now at Amazon, and be sure to read its reviews. Even though it uses a Fuji SuperCCD sensor, it's not a bed of roses!

The Nikon S51 pink is $200. A nice looking folded optics bijou subcompact has the looks. But be sure to check for reviews. Usually cameras with folded optics have some trade-offs in terms of optical quality.

At $230, the Sony T20 is not a bad price, but nothing to line-up in the cold for either. But if you are going in anyways for another reason, and you are a Sony fan, go ahead and get it.

Nothing to write home about
There's a 10mp Canon DSLR with a lens advertised for $880. No details are given. We are not sure which DSLR that is. It could be the Digital Rebel XTi (400D) or the Canon 40D. If it's the Digital Rebel XTi, that's a horrible deal, you can already get the Rebel at under $700 at most internet retailers. If it's the Canon 40D, it won't be because this camera just came out and sells for $1400. Not happening! There are no other 10mp Canon DSLRs. Unless of course the lens included is not the standard 18-55 EF-S lens, but something else?

Disappointing is that the Panasonic "fun zoom" TZ-3 will be offered at $250. This is a fun camera, but this is hardly a good price. Circuit City offers it at $250 right now! Boooo!

Also disappointing is that the Nikon D40 with the two-lens kit bundle will be offered at $650. The current Circuit City price is $680, and the reputable online photo dealers sell it for around $650 right now. Much ado about nothing I'm afraid.

If you liked our analysis of Circuit City Black Friday cameras, be sure to check our analysis of Best Buy Black Friday digital cameras.

Be sure to check GottaDeal.com for all the Black Friday Deals from across the world of retailers! They present them in a very nice HTML format, with minimal graphics and distractions! Highly recommended!


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the canon dslr pic shows it's the rebel. the price is what it is because it includes the kit lens and a tele - 75-300.

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