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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Digital camera deals at Circuit city this week

Let's see what this week's Circuit City Circular has in-store for us!

Sony Days
Right on the front page of the circular we spot the Sony W80 advertised for $200 flat. Also from Sony, the S700 is down to $140. This has QVGA movie mode, but what can you expect at this price range for a Sony branded camera? :) At $250, the Sony W90 black is available. The new slimmer Sony W-series has certailny been a hit with consumers and helped Sony's finances too.

Sony's entry in the "fun zoom" market is the H3, and the H3 is on sale for $280. Not bad, eh? And if you want to print on Sonys, the DPPFF90 photo printer is $170 and promises lab quality color prints quickly and easily. Not my promise, Sony's :)

And to feed your new Sony cameras, the 4gb Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo blah blah blah is $60, model SD MSPD 4096 A50. The 2gb version is $35, model SD MSPD 2048 A11.

Everyone else
It was only a couple of weeks ago that the Samsung S73 showed up in stores and it already has its first price cut, now available at $120 and in shrink-wrap. This comes in multiple colors and Circuit City claims exclusivity on the lime green color.

Casio wants you to buy the EX-Z77 which is probably why they are offering a free kit that includes a case, battery charger, mini tripod and software. The whole enchilada costs $230.

Kodak has a bundle of their own, the C813 digital camera with the G610 printer dock for $200. Not bad for an absolute beginner, they get both a camera and a printer and a dock in one package. Also from Kodak, an affordable stabilized long zoom at $230, we are talking of course about the Z712-IS.

Canon offers their mass market Elph SD1000 at $180, and their Digital Rebel 400D XTi with the 18-55 EF-S kit lens for $800 even. If you purchase it with the EF 75-300 lens, you save an extra $100. The lens itself costs $230 and it is a 35mm full frame lens.

And some memory cards of note, 4gb Sandisk SD SDBR 4096 A10 for $45 (free reader included). A 2gb Ultra II from Sandisk is $30, model SD SDPH 2048 901. For CF users, the Sandisk 4gb Ultra II, SD CFH 4096 901 costs $60, and the 2gb Extreme II, SD CFX3 2048 901 costs $45.

Finally for xD users, the Olympus 2gb Type M is $40, and the 2gb is $25.

And a couple of digitla photo frame,s the 7" Element EDPF7AWE is $60 after a $20 MIR, while the 7" HP F750 with three interchangeable face plates is $140. And the 8" SmnartParts SP8MIX is $100 after a $50 mail in rebate, and has wood and leather frames. That's all for now!

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