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Friday, November 09, 2007

Digital camera deals at Fry's this weekend

Fry's calling camera deals. Fry's calling camera deals. Anything good for us? Or it should be the other way round actually :)

The Canon Quartet
The spotlight deal is the Canon SD1000 with a 1gb Patriot SD memory card for $188 together. At a similar price ($175) you can get the Canon A570IS, a very decent bang for the buck type of camera with image stabilization even! The third Canon offers is the lovely Canon G9 for $450. While this camera is not similar to the old school G-series Canons, it does pretty well if you evaluate it as a stand alone camera - not as the torchbearer of the legendary G-series. The fourth Canon advertised is the lovely Canon SD870 IS, which starts at 28mm wide (bonus points for that) and comes with a free starter kit for $347. No details provided as to what is inside the starter kit, but we can venture a guess and say it's the usual stuff you find in starter kits. Now that was a bold guess :)

Casio and Sony
Casio has probably the second best deal of the ad, you get the lovely Exilim EX-Z77 along with a free starter kit (details not provided) for $188. That's all! This is not bad folks! And if you prefer an 1/1.8" sensor instead of the usual 1/2.5" or 1.23x" found in the cutesy ultracompacts, the EX-Z1080 with a free starter kit as well is offered at $247. And it's available in silver or black.

Sony has its "old" touchscreen camera, the Sony N2 on sale for $250. It uses a 10mp 1/1.8" sensor, and at $250, it's actually not a bad price, if you can stomach the memory sticks. Not that I am suggesting that you try to eat them :)

Olympus DSLR kits
The Olympus E510 is advertised in the three standard retail kits, body only for $720, with the 14-45 lens for $810, and with the best value for money kit, the two lens kit for $900. The Olympus DSLR kits usually offer the best value for money with the two lens kit. Assuming of course that you actually need the two lens kit or have plans for the lenses (sell or trade them for other lesnes if you don't need them).

And some accessories
A 9" digital photo frame with a snooze button (as if) is available for $117. It is an Emprex BDF-109D in case you were wondering :) Also a GoldLantern 10" digital photoframe is at $177 after a $20 mail in rebate. This is model DPF10102.

A USB-based SD/MMC memory card reader is just $4, and that's without any rebates! And this concludes our Fry's segment.

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