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Friday, November 23, 2007

A few more sales at Amazon

If you are not burnt out of Black Friday deals and such, here are a few more deals...

The Olympus FE240 is $150, while the Olympus Stylus 760 goes for $184. At about the same price ($180) you can get the Sony W80.

Just eight dollars will get you the Case Logic TBC-3 Camera Bag.

If you like megapixels by the pound, the Kodak V1233 is $210 as a pre-order. Imagine how much less it will be when it actually gets released :)

And a giant bundle from Cameta Camera for $675: Nikon D40x 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm AF-S DX Nikkor Lens Outfit + Transcend 4GB 150x SecureDigital Card + High Speed USB 2.0 Card Reader + Nikon SLR Gadget Bag.

More DSLRs, the Panasonic L1 with the 14-50 Leica MegaOIS is $1115, sold and shipped by Amazon herself.

The pre-orders are coming in fast for the Sony T2 which is good news for Sony as it may open up its line-up to tradionally non-Sony fans.

The Fuji E900 has made a comeback at $210 but I'm not familiar with the seller (Globazar). Also from Fuji, sold and shipped by Amazon at $150 is the Fuji Z5fd which is a nice buy if you are not allergic to xD memory cards. If you are, take a look at the new Fuji Z10fd which sells for about the same price and accepts SD memory cards, but does not have a SuperCCDe sensor - which is not a big deal at the 1/2.5" sensor size.

The Samsung L73 looks tempting at $107 for those who want to "try out" the Samsung cameras.

PS> Internet Explorer users go to Amazon.com and search for the above model numbers. The links don't work for IE.

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