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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sneak peak at Staples next week (November 11 thru 17)

Free! Free! Free! Free Epson R280 photo printer after Easy Rebate (submit online) with the purchase of any of the advertised digital cameras in this week's Staples circular.

And we start with the red hot Casio EX-S880 for $250, which includes a bonus 1gb PNY SD card. Red hot because they advertise the red model :)

The Canon A570IS also includes the same free memory card and costs $200. As you are probably well aware brick and mortar prices are usually higher, but if you want something yesterday or have a gift card to burn, then they might be good options.

Anyway, back to the cameras please. The only other camera advertised is the Sony Cybershot S700 with a free 1gb memory card. Now this is interesting, because MemorySticks are more expensive than SD cards, so a free 1gb MemoryStick is a bigger value than 1gb SD. Of course then you will have to buy more MemorySticks if you don't have any, so you don't really gain anything. But I just wanted to point out that a free 1gb Memorystick is a bigger "free value" than a free 1gb SD card. That's all!

Speaking of memory cards, the 2gb Sandisk Ultra II SD is $30, no rebates. SmartParts, which can be easily confused with SmartPants, has a 7" digital photo frame for $70, while their 8" version is $150. But if you really want a big digital photo frame, how about a 15" Smartparts model for $250? Be sure to use pictures with higher resolution on the 15" frame. Put those 12 megapixels to use, atlhough to take full advantage of those, you need a digital photo frame that doesn't exist yet ;-)

And one last thing, the Dell 926 all-in-one photo printer is $90 after Easy Rebate, but you also receive a free one year extended warranty. Not sure why they did this, but hey, if it's free...

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