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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What's shaking at Amazon right now?

Let's take a virtual stroll along Amazon's virtual Bargain Aisles and see what's up...

We start with a $100 camera deal, the HP M537 through Tigerdirect and the HP M447 at $97. More HP history, the HP R725 for $179 through Ritz Camera.

Panasonic fans, the pink Panasonic FX01 can be yours for $170 through OneCall. And if you love the Panasonic TZ3, for $45 you can get the matching Panasonic DMW-CT3-K Leather Case. Meanwhile the Panasonic FX30 silver is $200 through J&R World.

Samsung fans, the Samsung S850 with 5x optical zoom lens and 1/1.8" sensor can be yours for $157. Also in the budget price range, the Kodak M753 is $125 via Tigerdirect.

If you have the hybrid Sanyo HD1000, then for $20 you can get in line for the Sanyo VCP-HCX3 Holster Case for the HD1000.

A slightly older long zoom, the Kodak Z7590 is $198 thru Beach Camera. Also older is the ="amzn">Canon SD30 for $160 through Cameta Cameta.

DSLR segment
Cameta's giant bundle for $500 today includes the Nikon D40 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera + Nikon 18-55mm AF-S Lens + Nikon SLR Gadget Bag + Transcend 2GB 150x SecureDigital Card + USB Card Reader .

Meanwhile the Canon 20D with the EF-S kit lens is $910 at Adorama. Please keep in mind that two newer Canon DSLRs have been released in that feature range, the 30D and 40D.

Meanwhile the Panasonic L1 with the 14-50 MegaOIS Leicasonic lens is $1100 through Adorama.

Sony goes on the attack with the Sony A700 with the 18-70 DT lens for $1333 sold and shipped by Amazon and $1320 sold on Amazon via OneCall.

Full frame fans celebrate! The Canon 5D with the 24-105 EF f/4 IS USM L lens is under $3000, $2960 to be more precise. Meanwhile the bigger Canon 1D Mark III, body only, is $4300 via Tigerdirect.

The versatile and affordable Pentax K10D is $665 via Beach Camera.

Please Note
Please keep in mind that prices and availability can change at any time! Also Internet Explorer users may experience technical difficulties with the dynamically generated Amazon links. If so, just search for the model name in the Amazon page.

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