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Friday, December 14, 2007

Amazon, Amazon, what temptations do you have for us camera addicts?

A mid-range zoom with MegaOIS for $130? Panasonic must be going all out for that lovely market share bump of the holiday shopping. Which perhaps explains why the Panasonic LZ7 silver is just $130! Expect this camera of course to be replaced at CES 2008 or by PMA 2008 at the latest. But look at the price people! Get yours know!!!

Wowie Panasonic, you want us to spend all our money! The Panasonic LX2 silver is now down to $300, down from $320 just two ago! Wowie!

More Panasonic madness, the Panasonic FX55 silver is now $283. Or if you prefer to pay less, the Panasonic FX33 is now down to $240.

How about the Pentax K100D Super? You can get it for $468 with the 18-55 DA lens, after a $100 Pentax mail-in rebate, with free shipping and a couple of bonus items. Sold and shipped by Amazon.

Never before has a low-priced "kit lens" created so much excitement. I'm talking about the $200 pre-order of the Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR. Currently in pre-order status.

Love the new Kodak M-series? If you don't mind the compromises, the Kodak M753 in fashionable copper-brown is yours for $119 and 11 cents too. If you prefer a "more solid" model, the Kodak V1003 is at around $162. This uses a 10mp 1/1.8"-ish sensor, not the tiny ant-farms usually found in the "fashionable cameras".

Love the NV-series unique style and don't object to the negatives pointed out in the reviews? The Samsung NV10 can be yours for *drum roll* $229 through Beach Camera. If you prefer a more traditional AA-based model with NV-style design elements, the Samsung S1050 is one of the cameras that want to compete with the powerful PSAM Canon Powershot A-series. The S1050 black is available for $187.

It's red and loud, the Samsung S630 drops to $100. This had a higher price than the silver, presumably because the red color made it more "fashionable" and less "shiny silver P&S".

"Hey, don't forget about me" cries the Pentax M40 at $162.

Down go the prices of the 18x superzooms! The Fuji S8000fd is at $300, the Olympus SP560 is around $350 and the Panasonic FZ18 is at $330. Competition is good!

You can't help but fall in love with the Casio Exilim design from a "gadgetry" perspective. And if you have $150 to spare, the Casio EX-Z75 can make a great gift or pocketable carry-around camera. Sold on Amazon by OneCall.com of Spokane, Washington.

Hey, here's one camera whose price has gone up a few dollars, the Gen-Z multi-colo0r Fuji Z10fd is now trending slightly above $150, depending on color and wind direction ;-)

Love the Fuji S6000fd?. You have to pay a small premium but you can get the Fuji S6000fd brand new for $400 thru Beach Camera.

This concludes this wacky update :-)

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