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Friday, December 14, 2007

Camera and Photo deals at Fry's Electronicsf

Let us see what Fry's Electronics is advertising this weekend in the world of camera and photo!

Let's get started with DSLRs, the Olympus E510 E410 is offered in three kits, the body only for $400 even, the one lens kit for $500 (mis-advertised as a two lens kit), and the two lens kit for $600 even. There appears to be an error in the Fry's ad - they list the Olympus E510 instead of the E410. On the inside pages of the ad the E410 is listed instead with the same product codes. Looking up the codes at Frys.com indeed points to the E410. Does anyone double check these before they post them? :-)

Now to the cameras with a "glued" lens, the Canon A650IS, trying to "recover" from the "light-scandal" is available for $360, about $100 less than the Canon G9, even though his one lasts twice as long battery-wise than the GINO. But sadly no RAW (at least no RAW available natively).

The lovely Canon SD1000 (Elph, Ixus, Ixy) is on sale for $188 with a bonus 1gb SD card from First-Data (or something like that). One mroe Elph, the SD870 IS (yes, it starts at wide angle) is on sale for $320.

IF megapixels by the pound is your thing, then for about $15/megapixel you can get apples and oranges and the Olympus FE-300 at $188 ;-)

Meanwhile Canon's "fun zoom", the Canon SX100 IS is on sale for $270, a bit too high though, since you can get it at Amazon for around $230 to $240.
The Sony W80 memory-sticks its way to $180, while a generic Gold Lantern GL GPIX550 5mp "digital camera" with what looks like a fixed focal length lens is on sale for $67. But it has a 2.5" LCD!

Lasonic offers a 7" digital photo frame tha supports USB, SD/MMC and MemoryStick and has the price of $79.

This concludes the Fry's weekend camera and photo deals!

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