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Friday, December 28, 2007

Camera deals at Staples next week (12/30/07 to 1/5/08)

Staples is in a hurry to let everyone know about their next week's specials! So let's see what kind of specials they have in the world of photography and imaging.

First up, two nicely priced cameras, at $130 each, the Canon Powershot A560 (great camera for the price) and the red Kodak M853, a LiIon-based P&S camera.

At $150 you can get goodbye to HP digital cameras and get the HP Mz67, which has an 6x optical zoom lens, but of course no stabilization.

Moving on to the Elphs (no, not LOTR), the older Canon SD750 is available at $220, which is a reasonable price for brick and mortar and the loveable Canon Sd1000 is waiting for buyers at $180.

Digital photo frames seem to be a hot item this season and the 7" Pandigital digital picture frame is offered at $80. Of course the latest trend in these is to offer 15" digital picture frames, which once upon a time sounded unthinkable, but now you can get 19" LCD monitors for around $150 and 22" for around $250, so a 15" picture frame is much more "affordable".

Memory Card Chips, no Salsa
For $45 you have the option of getting the 4gb standard Sandisk SD memory card. At $35 you can get a 2gb Sandisk Ultra II Compactflash card or a Memory Stick Pro Duo. A 2gb SD card however will only cost $25, and that's not even a good price, but still cheaper than the MemoryStick, xD, and CF.

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