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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Camera snacks at Amazon

Let's see what cameras are moving on up sales-wise at Amazon! First up we start with the Sony T2 being in stock for $350 through J&R World.

Next we have a giant bundle from Cameta Cameras for $340. It includes: Nikon Coolpix S700 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom + Transcend 4GB HC SecureDigital (SDHC) Card + USB SecureDigital (SD) Card Reader + Spare EN-EL10 Battery for Nikon + Nikon Coolpix Case. Good bundle for someone starting fresh!

And another one from Cameta Cameras, this one at $495: Nikon D40 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera + Nikon 18-55mm AF-S Lens + Nikon SLR Gadget Bag + Transcend 2GB 150x SecureDigital Card + USB Card Reader. Fries with that? :) Another good bundle for someone who wants to get started with a DSLR. Be sure to note however that the D40 and D40x expect the AF motor in the lens, so older lenses are not "friendly" to this camera.

Forget about all the digital crap? If you are one of those who thinks so, then spend $343 and get the Canon EOS Elan 7ne SLR Camera (Body Only). This is a FILM SLR and needs to be fed film which needs to be developed and produce byproducts that ruin the environment and cause solar flares ;-)

At $450 the Olympus E330 with the 14-45 kit lens is tempting at Cameta Cameras. Although not the lowest price of all out there.

At $126 the entry-level Pentax E40 is waiting for buyers. And so is the Olympus Stylus 810 for $188 through Adorama and the Olympus FE-240 is $150 through J&R World.

Also at $150 is the Panasonic FX12 silver through J&R World.

The Kodak Easyshare HDTV dock at $84 might interest Kodak camera users. This is just a Kodak dock, not a printer dock!

The Fuji F40fd is available from Amazon for $179, but it has a 1 to 2 month delay in shipment.

The under-rated Kodak Z885 is an interesting temptation at $140. It uses a 1/1.8" sensor, not the new smaller 8mp sensors.

Down to $150 goes the Nikon S200 offered at that price by Beach Cameras.

And the hybrid of this post is at $390, the Sanyo Xacti VPC-E1 6MP Waterproof MPEG4 Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Blue). If you like hybrids and waterproofness at the same time.

And another giant bundle from Cameta Cameras, this fun zoom is at $280 for this whole lot: Canon PowerShot SX100 IS 8.0 Megapixel Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom + Transcend 2GB SecureDigital (SD) Card + USB 2.0 SecureDigital (SD) Card Reader + (4) - AA Rechargeable Batteries w/ Charger + Digital Camera Case. Another nice set for a beginner or for someone looking for a second camera or their first long zoom camera.

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