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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cameras advertised by Office Max this week

Prominently featured they are the digital cameras in the ad of the Office Max says the bargain-hunting Yoda ;-) Five models are featured and as regular O-Max shoppers know, they are no rebates to mail, it's a hassle-free rebate-free zone. So let's take a look!

You get a free 1gb SD memory card with each one of the three following digital cameras: Canon SD1000 at $180, Kodak Z885 at $180, and Nikon Coolpixies L14 at $120.

There are two Olympus cameras advertised at the spotlight spot and you get a free instant bonus, no rebates to mail, a $70 value, an Epson Stylus CX7400 3-in-1 printer. That's right you get it free on the spot! No upc codes, no mailings, no rebating! The two cameras that qualify for this bonus are the Olympus FE-280 at $180 and the Olympus Stylus 790SW at $250. This is a great bargain!. Just $250!!!

And something really funny, the ad shows an "actual underwater shot" from the Olympus Stylus 790SW. The shot itself measures 1.5cm by 1cm. That's centimeters, not inches. This is so obnoxiously silly that inspires me to showcase my pictures in 1-pixel format ;-) This was a good idea gone really bad. Come on, a 1.5cm by 1cm sample picture? COME ON!!!

They also have a long list of memory card offers, so let's take a look at those as well, all of them by Sandisk, unless otherwise indicated!

  • SD cards: 4gb at $35, 2gb at $20. These are the "standard" Sandisk editions
  • CF cards: 2gb Ultra II for $35
  • Memory Stick Pro Duo: 2gb for $35
  • Phone memory: 2gb mini micro SD kit, $35
  • Olympus 2gb xD memory card: $35

    As you can see the "proprietory" cards (xD, Memorystick) cost almost twice as much as the SD memory card at the popular 2gb stoage level. Yet another reason why Sony and Olympus should apologize to their current users and offer dual-slot memory card drives in their new cameras. Let's hope they do this at CES 2008 or PMA 2008. Most likely though this will remain a hope. But then again, Fuji did smell the roses and has now gone to dual SD/xD memory cards, so there is some hope!

    Two digital photo picture frames are advertised, the 7" Mustek for $60 and the 8" Pandigital for $130.

    Other accessories of photographic interest, a 4gb Sandisk MicroCruzer ReadyBoost USB 2.0 flash drive for $35, and Simpletech 500gb USB hard drive for $130. Ideal for making additional backups of your work, especially if you are on the road or on location or at the studio. They also have a 320gb version for $100, a 250gb version for $95, and for the power users who shoot nothing but RAW all the time, they have a 1 terrabyte edition for $300.

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