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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Late night camera and photo deals at Amazon

Did anything slip through the cracks of the weekend shoppers? Let's see!

We start with some accessories: The Vanguard Dm-8250 Monocular is moving fast at just $24, while the Coby DP-5588 5.6-Inch (4:3) Clock & Digital Photo Frame with MP3 Player (Maple) at $80 through J&R World is also moving on up sales-wise. How about an $11 NIKON 72mm Nikon lens cap (LC-72)? And another monocular, this time for just $6, but with a 2-3 week delay: Barska Lucid 10x25 Monocular Binocular (Black).

All the Panasonic digital camera sales have also caused an accessory outage, the Panasonic DMW-CHFX30 Semi-Hard Case for all Panasonic FX Series Cameras is $15 but currently back-ordered.

Digital Cameras
Meanwhile Cameta Cameras has another popular giant bundle at $280: Canon PowerShot SX100 IS 8.0 Megapixel Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom + Transcend 2GB SecureDigital (SD) Card + USB 2.0 SecureDigital (SD) Card Reader + (4) - AA Rechargeable Batteries w/ Charger + Digital Camera Case. A ready to go bundle for sure! Unless of course you already have all the extras. Good for a "newbie" or "starter" kit.

Meanwhile the Panasonic FX100 is now under $300, $299 to be specific. If you love megapixels, you get a dozen!

If you are in love with the Samsung NV-series and you want to pick up every model they made, you are in luck, the Samsung NV7 is $160 through Tiger Direct. Same price for the Samsung S1050 black, sold and shipped by Amazon.

Down the prices go, at $220 you can get the Panasonic TZ3 silver! It starts at 28mm with a 28-280mm equivalent lens!

What do you think of the Nikon D200 body only at $1400 through Adorama and Cameta Camera? Is that a good price or would you rather wait for the $1800 Nikon D300? It's your choice :-)

The Canon 30D body only is also sliding in price, now at $750 through Cameta Cameras! The 40D and the competition are obviously putting a lot of price pressure on this "older" DSLR.

Digital smidigital! How about a really old school camera? The NIKON FM10 35mm Camera Kit for $260 through J&R World?

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