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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Late night camera and photo shopping at Amazon

Lettuce take a look at what's moving on up in the Amazon camera and photo department!

First up, a hybrid, the Sanyo Xacti HD700, 720p digital camera and camcorder hybrid, is now down to $350 for the brown model. This features a 5x optical zoom lens and mpeg4 compression. Meanwhile the red model costs $30 more. Price Drop Alert!

The Kodak V1003 is around $162 and it's not a bad bang for the buck at the current price. Obviously be sure to check for reviews if you are not familiar with it.

At $86 you can get the Samsung S630, Samsung's entry-level P&S camera, with a 6mp sensor, 3x optical, AA, SD/MMC. If you prefer Panasonics, the Panasonic LS70 silver is $129 via Beach Camera and the Panasonic LS75 silver is $129 as well.

The lovely Casio EX-Z700 is available for $180 through J&R World. In a similar category and price-range, the Panasonic FX12 silver is $180, and the Olympus FE240 is $170 via J&R World. Also the Fuji Z10fd in multiple fashionable colors is around $150, which is also the price the previous xD-only model Fuji Z5fd goes for. The Z5fd is also available in the cellphone-popular chocolate brown color among others.

Also, at $163 you can get the Pentax M40, the latest in the Optio M-series line-up which switched from AA to LiIon two models ago (the M30 was the first LiIon-based M-series).

A bit more bling than the above at $199 thru Adorama is the red Nikon S51. The one with the wireless, the Nikon S51c sells for a bit more, $233. That's the wireless premium right there. Be sure to check the specs to see if this wireless option is right for you.

The digital RF-like Panasonic LX2 silver is tempting buyers at $346, with the Canon G9 being its main competitor of sorts.

And here's the top super bundle from Cameta Cameras: $390 gets you the following: Canon PowerShot SD870 IS Digital ELPH 8.0 Megapixel Camera + Transcend 4GB 150x SecureDigital (SD) Card + High Speed USB 2.0 SecureDigital (SD) Card Reader + Spare NB-5L Battery for Canon + Padded Carrying Case.

Beach Camera offers the Nikon D200 along with the 18-200 DX VR lens for the price of $2100. This is an expensive lens, it is not the typical kit lens or the $300+ 18-135 DX lens! It costs almost twice as much. Clearly the introduction of the Nikon D300 is slowly making the D200 more affordable. Which is a plus for those interested in the D200. Or perhaps a value-focused (no pun intended) buyer may be interested in the Nikon D80, available body-only directly from J&R World for $800.

In the Fuji World, the Fuji F50fd just got a highly recommended by dpreview and currently sells for $230! Meanwhile the Fuji S9000 is back at Beach Camera for $379.

The Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit (LBCAK) is just $10!

$39 is what it takes to get the Pentax D-LI50 Lithium-ion Battery for the K10D via Cameta Cameras.

This concludes today's installment!

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