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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Latest deals at Amazon

Let's see what we have today! First up a pink Samsung S630 goes for $100 through J&R World. Pink on this blocky brickish camera looks like a bear wearing a barbie doll dress. Sorry for the visual ;-) The Samsung S730 pink goes for $120.

Another $100 cameral deal is the Panasonic LS75 for $100! Nice! Grab this P&S camera!

At $430 you can get a really nice camera but with trade-offs, the Panasonic FZ50 silver with a big 12x MegaOIS lens, RAW and lots more!

More from the Panasonic invasion, the Panasonic FX33 taupe (blue/pink?) is $200 flat. More from them, the Panasonic LZ7 silver is just $130. Woohoo!

On the bargain side of things, with an 1/1.8" sensor, the Kodak V8003 is $145 for the silver color edition.

The Samsung L77 at $252 is generation some traction as well, although to me the price is not that hot. But what do I know?

At $220 you can get the Pentax Z10 but be sure to review the reviews of this guy and its "relatives" the Casio EX-V7 and EX-V8.

A Wi-Fi capable slightly older camera with VR is the Nikon P3 for $250 through Beach Camera. At $250 is where we find the Sony T20 in different colors via J&R World.

At $150 we find the Olympus FE240 also through J&R World.

DSLR Deals
The Canon - EOS Digital Rebel XTi 2 lens Zoom Kit which includes the Canon 18-55mm EF-S & Canon 75-300mm EF goes for $750 through Ritz Cameras.

The Nikon D40 with the 18-135 DX lens is now avaialble for $660. Remember this is the mid-range 18-135 DX lens, not the entry-level 18-55 DX lens!

Camera and Photo Accessories Deals
A tripod doesn't have to be sitting on the ground, it could be hand-tripod, which is what J&R World offers at $22: Fromm Works Inc. Extendable Hand Held Tripod!

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