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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Memory card specials at J&R World (Feed your digital cameras!)

Your digital cameras are hungry! They need some food! Give them some new memory cards to "chew" on :)

J&R World has two memory card offers, first up a 2gb Sandisk SD Memory Card for $20, and then a 4gb PNY SD High Capacity Memory Card (SDHC) for $25. Yes, just S25, which makes it just over $6 per gigabyte. Not a bad price!

Shipping is only $1 per memory card, but there is a minimum $2.95 S&H charge per order. So if you buy one memory card and nothing else, S&H is $2.95. If you buy 3 memory cards then S&H is $3. This "encourages" the buyers to buy more.

Continuing with the storage theme, for $150 and with free shipping they are offering the Western Digital WDG1C5000N My Book Premium 500GB FireWire USB External Harddrive. Good for backups or storing pictures while on the road or in the studio, or perhaps a portable "digital exhibition" where you carry your best photos with you all the time. You never know when there might be an opportunity to plug into a computer or HDTV to showcase your work or art!

You may call this an extra storage option as well (if all else fails), but it's most popular for it's singing capabilities. We are talking of course about the 80gb Apple iPod Classic for $230 with free shipping.

Now if you really want a small one for the music and not pretend you are getting it as a storage device, then the 8gb Apple iPod touch may be for you at $280 and FREE Shipping. This will also make you look trendy ;-)

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