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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry XMas, now let's buy some digital cameras (Amazon)

Merry XMas, Happy Holidays, etc, etc. Now to the cameras: For $340 you can get the Olympus Stylus 1200 "All Weather" 12MP Digital Camera (Black) + Olympus M-2GB xD-Picture Card + xD-Picture Card Reader/Writer + Spare Li-42B Battery for Olympus + Compact Digital Padded Carrying Case from Cameta Cameras.

Dress for photographic successs with the CampCo Combat Photo Vest - Khaki - XXL for $30 through Adorama.

And light the way with this $359 Metz MZ 58311C 58 AF-1C Flash for Canon Cameras, also from Adorama.

Power-up your Nikon D80 with the Nikon MB-D80 Battery Grip for D80 Digital SLR Camera + Spare EN-EL3e Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for $150 via Cameta Cameras.

Is this a good price? The Canon 1D Mark III for $4438, sold and shipped by Amazon herself.

$144 is what Calumet (not Cameta) offers for the Olympus FE 240.

Digital what? How about a 35mm film SLR for $343? The Canon EOS Elan 7ne SLR Camera (Body Only).

Wheee! $120 is all it takes for the silver P&S Samsung L73.

By the way the discounts we saw last week on some of the Panasonics have been taken back now. The Panasonic TZ3 is now $235 for blue. Previous low price was $220 for silver. The Panasonic FZ8 is now $250, previous low was $230.

Love the Sony T20? You can get it for aorund $250 in different colors from different vendors, all of course selling on the Amazon marketplace platform, which is all the cameras mentioned in this long post.

If you love the Pentax Z10 and don't find the reviews/samples objectionable, write a cyber check for $218 and it's all yours!

And a nice deal! The Samsung NV15, 10mp, 2007 model at $207.

this concludes the holiday edition of the camera bargain hunter. Happy Holidays! And keep on buying :-)

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