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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Morning deals at Amazon

The early bird catches the "camera broth"? Okay, joke gone bad! Let's forget about comedy and stick to cameras!

The Panasonic FZ8, black, is tempting everyone at $230. Yes a 12x MegaOIS super zoom with RAW! You can get this, instead of some AA-based 3x PSAM or some cutesy scene-mode ultracompact. Can you resist?

Canon users may find it hard to resist the Canon 40D bundled with the EF 28-135 IS USM lens for $1425. Not for the faint of pocket/credit though.

The cutesy Sony T70 is going head-on with the other trendy ultracompacts at $250. Head on, except of course for the MemoryStick part.

Love the Kodak V1003? Need an excuse to buy it? Well it currently sells for $160 only! This has a 1/1.8" 10mp sensor!

Give your tripod some love! Get it a Sunpak 620-760 Unpadded Tripod Carrying Case!

The Samsung S730 black is now avaiable for $109, while their bijou Samsung i85 red is down a few more dollars to $240 via Beach Camera.

Love pink? Then for $200 you can have the Sony W80 from J&R World.

Looking for a basic P&S that takes AA batteries? How about the Fuji A820 for $127?

For $150 you can get the Panasonic FX10 silver. Keep in mind that this does not start at 28mm, but just like all other Panasonics, it has a MegaOIS lens.

If instead you prefer a DSLR, the older Panasonic L1 with a nice Leica MegaOIS lens bundled is just $800. The lens alone costs about as much! DSLR bargain alert!

At $100 on the other hand, you can get the Nikon L11 in matte brown. This is a $100 camera deal!

With all the Panasonic FX-series camera sales you may have picked up one or two! How about getting a case for it? For $15 you can get the Panasonic DMW-CHFX30 Semi-Hard Case for all Panasonic FX Series Cameras.

$150 is all you pay for the Canon A570 IS. Not bad at all! A great gift camera or all-purpose carry around camera. Granted you can't expect it to behave like a DSLR!

This concludes this update :-) If you found any of these listings helpful in your purchase, please consider using the links in our blog to "tip us" for our efforts and allow us to continue offering this service. Thanks :)

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