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Monday, December 24, 2007

Olympus E330, body only, $322 from Cameta at Amazon.com!

We have a DSLR bargain for you! The Olympus E330 - body only is currently available for $322 by Cameta Cameras at Amazon.com!

This is ideal for people with 4/3rds lenses or old OM mount lenses who don't object to doing this old-school. This is an older DSLR however. It has a version of Live View but it does not have sensor-shift stabilization which made its 4/3rds debut with the Olympus E510. There are some 4/3rds lenses with image stabilization from Panasonic, but be sure to check what the Olympus forums to find out about compatibility (I don't remember off the top of my head).

If you are not familiar with the Olympus E330, you can quickly become familiar by checking out some of the reviews on it at DCviews.com. The spotlight review of course is the one by dpreview but there are more than a dozen Olympus E330 reviews listed at DCViews.com

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