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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Panasonic discounts and more at Amazon!

It's discount madness at Amazon, especially for Panasonic digital cameras. So let's jump into the Panasonic pool:

Panasonic Madness at Amazon!
The following digital cameras are discounted nicely at Amazon, sold and shipped by Amazon herself, unless otherwise noted, which is the convention used in all of our Amazon.com bargain hunting posts. So here we go:

  • Panasonic LS75 for $108
  • Panasonic FX10 for $120 through via Vanns of Montana. BARGAIN ALERT!
  • Panasonic FX12 for $160
  • Panasonic FX30 at $200 via the good people at J&R World.
  • Panasonic FZ8 at $230, the Panasonic FX33 at $240, and the
  • Panasonic FZ18 at $300. PRICE DROP ALERT!!!
  • Panasonic L1 with Leica 14mm-50mm f2.8-f3.5 MegaOIS together for $800. Wow!

    Please keep in mind that the prices and availability can change at any point in time!

    Other Amazon deals of interest
    The one we mentioned yesterday is still around, the Canon SD430, which has WiFi (wireless) support, but keep in mind this is an older model. As the model name suggests, this is from the era of the vastly popular SD400. The Amazon price is $150, but it goes in and out of stock. Keep checking and you will eventually get it at the price!

    Samsung has a $100 camera deal! The Samsung L730 is available for $100, in silver or black. For those not familiar, it is a standard P&S with a LiIon battery.

    Also keep in mind that most of the cameras sold and shipped by Amazon (not by featured sellers or 3rd parties) include a coupon to redeem for a free 12-month Shutterfly calendar.

    Those who love the Samsung NV-series and want a longer lens might be interested in the 5x optical zoom (but no IS/OS/SensorShift) Samsung NV11 sold for $275 via J&R World.

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