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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sigma SD14 at $650 and other camera and photo deals at Amazon

So let's see what the Boxing Day afternoon has brought to us bargain hunters of the Great River (Amazon).

Spotlight deal: Sigma SD14 at $650
First up, we have Foveon for the masses! The Sigma SD14 is available - body only - for $650 through Cameta Cameras. You can alternately get a different bundle, also from Cameta on Amazon, for $950. This one includes the Sigma 18-200 DC OS (optical stabilization) lens. The lens on its own costs about $500, which puts the SD14 at $450 in the $950 kit. Your choice :)

Other deals
The once trendy SD40 is offered as a bundle from Cameta Cameras for $200: Canon PowerShot SD40 ELPH (Sepia) Digital Camera with Spare NB-4L + Padded Carrying Case. Not a bad deal if you happen to like this older camera.

$190 can get you an Olympus Stylus 780 for $190, the silver variety. This is stabilized of sorts.

If you have Canon mount DSLRs and looking for a flash, $176 gets you a Sigma EF-530 DG ST Electronic Flash for Canon DSLR.

Something Nikon, Something Refurbished
The now legendary Nikon D100 is available for $600, refurbished, sold by Adorama on Amazon. Again, please keep in mind this one is refurbished!

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