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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Super bargain: Kodak Easyshare V803 for $110 on Amazon!

Super bargain alert! The Kodak Easyshare V803 is just $110 on Amazon, sold and shipped by Amazon! Wow! Get yours now! Free shipping and handling as well! Wowie! Great for gift-giving or having it around as a "general purpose" camera or a camera to have in your car or your bag and you won't lose any sleep if it breaks or get lost or stolen.

The Kodak V803 features an 8mp 1/1.8" sensor, 3x Retinar optical zoom lens (36-108), a 2.5" LCD screen, support for SD/MMC cards, a LiIon-battery, scene modes and more.

I can't stress enough how good of a bargain this is at $110!!!

More details and a list of reviews of the Kodak V803 at DCviews.com. They have five reviews listed there. Also be sure to check the user reviews at Amazon

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