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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday morning deals at Amazon

"Lettuce" take a look at the Great River of Cameras ;-) First up, the Samsung NV7 is down to $160, offered by Tigerdirect on Amazon! Not bad if you want to give the original NV-series line-up a try. This camera features a 7x optical zoom lens, but no stabilization. As always, if you are not familiar with the camera be sure to read reviews, check image samples, as well as real world pictures at places like flickr, pbase, etc!

Can't go wrong with the Canon A570 IS for $150. Simply can't go wrong! Good as a gift or a carry around throw-away camera!

Love the Canon SD40? Then you can get the "twilight sepia" (brown) version for $180 through Cameta Cameras.

Love Nikon's Wifi? Then the Nikon P3 can be yours for $250 through Beach Cameras.

At $200, the Panasonic FX30 in different colors from different retailers is an interesting option for the price range and compact size.

If megapixels by the pound is your thang, the Panasonic FX100 is around $325. That's less than $30 per Venus megapixel :)

If you love the good old Fuji E900 it's offered by a place called "Ace Digital" (I do not know of them) for $210.

At $167 you can get the Kodak V1003, depending on color of course, since there are so many variations offered by different retailers.

Love the Sony T20? You will love the price! $240 from Cameta Camera gets you the pink Sony T20.

How about a Kodak IS-long zoom? The Kodak Z812 IS is now down to $240.

At $160 you can get the PSAM Samsung S1050 black. Not bad!

Say goodbye to HP camers with the HP M547 at $104.

DSLR Deals!
Looking for a really budget-priced DSLR at $350 with a kit lens too? Try the Samsung GX1s with the 18-55 digital Xenon lens. This is the Samsung version of the Pentax *istDS2. You thought you'd never hear of the *ist again? Think again :-)

Did you read the dpreview review of the Sony A700? Maybe that's why you can't find the Sony A700 in-stock from Amazon. The "HR" rating must be moving a few boxes!

The Nikon D40x with the mid-range 18-135 DX lens is offered for $620, sold and shipped by Amazon.

Also don't forget the Sony A100 body only for $600, sold and shipped by Amazon.

Meanwhile the buzzworthy Nikon D300, body only, is selling $90 above list price through Cameta Cameras. Current price is $1890. The forces of supply and demand in full force in this (and the Nikon D3) case.

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