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Monday, December 24, 2007

Would you pay $6500 for the Nikon D3 right now?

Yet another indicator of how much buzz the Nikon D3 has created is this study in supply and demand. There are more people who want a D3 than D3 units available in the USA, so the list price of $5000 is a bit of a rare thing these days. Cameta Cameras has been studying their Econ 101 because they are adjusting their Nikon D3 prices based on supply and demand.

They only have a few of them in stock so they are asking for $6500, instead of the list price of $5000. That's a 30% premium in order to get the D3 in your hands right now. Would you pay $6500 to get it? If yes, then please feel free to do so :-)

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