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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cameras advertised by Office Max this week

Office Max advertises a six pack of digital cameras in this week's circular. Let's see if there's anything of interest!

We start with the lowest price camera, the HP M537 offered at just $90. this is a 6mp, 3x optical, SD/MMC, AA, 2.5" LCD, typical entry-level P&S. This is the last round of HP cameras, the next round will be completely outsourced to a 3rd party and just carry the HP brand.

Moving on, the stylish looking Casio EX-Z75 is offered in pink or black for $155, and this is a nice camera for the price, I can't argue with that! Don't expect it to take DSLR-like pictures of course.

Olympus has their FE-280 at $165, nowhere near as stylish as the Casio Exilims, but you can't blame Olympus for at least trying.

If 12-megapixels is your thing, Kodak has the Easyshare Z1275 at $210. They also have their superzoom, the Z712-IS at $230. You can probably get this one closer to $200 online.

And the last one advertised is obnoxiously above current prices, the Panasonic TZ3 is offered at $280, when you can get this for under $250 at Amazon.

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