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Friday, January 11, 2008

Charge me up! Friday deals at Amazon

If the Rolling Stones wrote a song about batteries and charges, they could have called it "Charge me up!" Which fits the Nikon MH-22 Quick Charger for EN-EL4 and EN-EL4A Batteries which goes for $250!

Red red wine! The red Panasonic FX07 is available from OneCall.com for $200 even!

The Samsung L730 is now at $130 for the black version, but $100 only for the red version. This occasionally goes down to $100 even. It is your typical LiIon-based 7mp, 3x optical, SD/MMC P&S camera.

At $141 you can get the Kodak V803, an 8mp 1/1.8" sensor.

The Fuji E900 is offered at $200 from a place called Butterfly Photo. I have not heard of them so be sure to do your research.

At $180 you can get the black Samsung S1050 while the Samsung NV11 is offered by Adorama for $265.

DSLRs and Lenses
The Pentax K100D, not the Super, with the 18-55 DA lens is offered at $500 from Calumet Photo.

Typically at $480 is the old Olympus E500 with the 14-45 kit lens, from Cameta Cameras. No sensor shift stabilization, and 8 Kodak CCD megapixels.

Rebel, rebel, your price is now $430! Adorama is offering the silver D-Rebel XT (350D), body only.

The tempting Nikon D80 with the 18-55 DX lens is offered at $880 via Adorama.

Meanwhile the Olympus E410, body only, is offered at $495. This does not have image stabilization, but it is one of the smallest, if not the smallest DSLRs.

12 megapixel madness
Camera Cameras has produced a bundle for $270, featuring the Nikon Coolpix S700 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom + USB SecureDigital (SD) Card Reader + Spare EN-EL10 Battery for Nikon + Nikon Coolpix Case. A 12 megapixel Coolpixie. Yikes!

More 12mp, the Kodak V1233 is offered by J&R World for $180. Yes megapixels by the pound fans, you can get it for $15 per megapixel! :)

And two more 12 megapixel cameras, the Kodak Z1275 for $189 via Beach Camera, and the Kodak V1253 is $225 via Beach Camera.

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