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Monday, January 07, 2008

Deal alert: Panasonic LZ7K for $130 with free shipping from J&R World

We have a special deal for you! The Panasonic LZ7K (6x MegaOIS lens, AA batteries) is on sale for $130 with free shipping from J&R World!

Panasonic DMCLZ7K Lumix 7 Megapixel Digital Camera - Black

FREE Shipping

If you are not familiar with the Panasonic LZ7K, be sure to check some of the published reviews on the net. At this price point, $130, it makes for a good carryaround camera - although keep in mind this is not an ultracompact carryaround. But given the price it's a camera you can leave in your car or bag or at the office and won't cry too much if it gets lost, stolen or damaged.

It takes SD/MMC memory cards and AA batteries which makes it less expensive to accessorize since you are likely to have some of both lying around. As always, please use rechargeable AA NiMH batteries in digital cameras. They are good for your pocket and good for the environment. And even better are the rechargeable AA NiMH batteries that retain their charge over time. More convenient and fewer recharges over time, which saves the battery and a few hairs of electricity too. Check our write up on the Sanyo Eneloops for more.

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