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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Digital camera deals at Staples this week. Run, don't walk!

Finally we starting to see the CES-January after-effects in the market with some nice deals at brick and mortar none the less! Staples office super stores have quite a few for your entertainment!

The Canon Powershot SX100 is offered at the round price of $200. This is an awesome price for brick and mortar and online too! This is Canon's latest "fun zoom" entry and it supports AA batteries. Take a long hard look at it! For comparison, this camera sells for $235 at Amazon.

Also nice price is the Olympus Stylus 790SW, this is the camera you can drop and get wet without problems - but do read the manual to see how much beating it can take. $250 is a nice price for it as well! For comparison the Amazon price ranges from $240 to $270, depending on which camera body color you want. I kid you not!

Next up we have the Canon A570 IS which goes for $150, and this is about the same price as Amazon.

And if you want a really low price, the Olympus FE-210 is offered at $80 after easy rebate. Read below on Easy Rebates if you are not familiar with them. This is AA-based camera, but it uses xD memory cards, so unless you already have xD memory cards, the low price benefit disappears once you buy a couple of memory cards. That's because you can get SD/MMC memory cards at almost half the price of their equivalent xD cards. So this is something to keep in mind!

All apologies to the digital camera purists
We also have two webcams to mention, the Microsoft® NX-6000 Webcam for $50 after easy rebate, and the Microsoft® VX-3000 Webcam $25 after easy rebate. Easy Rebates are Staples rebates that can be submitted online, without mailing anything, or cutting upc codes. They are much better than snail-mail rebates. These are rebates for the people who hate rebates. Of course you should still keep track of them, but they can't get "lost in the mail", or "misplaced to the processing facility". You can track them online from the moment you submit them.

Some memory cards too
Four Sandisk memory cards are advertised in this week's circular, three of which are at 2gb, and priced as follows: $20 for the standard SD card, $30 for the Ultra II CompactFlash, and $35 for the MemoryStick Pro Duo. Also a 4gb Ultra II SDHC can be yours for $45.

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