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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mid-week Amazon camera and photo movers and shakers

Lettuce see what is shaking @ zee Amazon Kamera & Foto department! First up there seems to be a strange offering of the Canon 1D by an outfit called "Wall Street Photo" (I haven't heard of them before) at $2000. Not sure what that is, so if you are interested, be sure to research it thoroughly!

And now back to reality: The 12mp Panasonic FX100 silver is offered at $325, which makes it about $27 per megapixel :)

$150 is now the new low price for the Canon Sd40, olive gray, from Cameta Cameras this time around.

$25 will get you Lomographic Action Sampler 35mm Camera from Adorama. Please note this is not a digital camera!. It is a silver salt camera (film camera).

The lovely Sony T20, black, is offered by J&R World for $250.

Red red, not wine, but camera! The red Samsung S730 is offered at $100 even! For $10 less you can get the HP M447.

If you prefer a P&S with some more features, the Samsung S1050, black, is offered at $180 only.

The older Olympus Stylus 730 (not shockproof!) is on sale for $150 through Adorama.

DSLRs and Lenses
The pre-orders of the Sony A200 are heating up at $700, and that price includes an 18-70 DT lens. As far as Iknow the camera is not available as body only at the moment.

With rumors flying all over the place about a new Pentax K20D and Samsung GX20, the Pentax K10D continues to be a bang for the buck DSLR at $582 after a $100 mail-in rebate from Pentax. This is the body only version.

PS> Please note that if you are not familiar with any of the cameras or 3rd party retailers mentioned above, be sure to research them through!

PS2> Planning a night at the opera? Then don't forget the Adorama 3 x 25 Opera Glass Binocular with Built-In Extendable Handle, Burgundy with Gold Trim, just $45 through Adorama!

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