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Friday, January 04, 2008

Minox, Coolpix and more deals at Amazon right now

A Minox is making waves at Amazon. To be more precise, a Minox-branded camera, which is basically made by some 3rd party that glues on the Minox name on it. Sorry to burst the bubble :-) The Minox DC7011 is your typical 7mp, 3x optical zoom camera, at a price of $171. It's look is quite familiar...

The Tigers are in and they are offering the Canon 1Ds Mark III for $8000. The Tigers being Tigerdirect of course.

The lovely blue Nikon L11, your typical 6mp, 3x optical zoom is offered by Target for $110. You can buy 77 of these instead of one Canon 1Ds Mark III :)

Meanwhile the Panasonic FX30, silver, is available for $200, from J&R World.

Continuing at $100 is the Samsung L730, in silver! There's a small premium to pay for the green Samsung S630 - the price is $118. Although it's not very green, it's more of an off-white lime-green type of thing instead.

Down to $320 we find the silver edition of the Panasonic LX2, a slightly older camera that does RAW! No RAW but a very tempting price, at $130, the Panasonic LZ7, silver, is offered by OneCall.

Steady at around $150 we find the Fuji Z10fd, in many colors.

Steady at $880 we find the Nikon D80 from Adorama.

In stock it is starting to be the new Sony T2, whose claim to fame is having 4gb of on-board memory - in addition to the memory stick slot. This makes the camera more acceptable to those who dislike memory sticks, but also preventws Sony from "accepting defeat" on the memory stick. Oh the compromises stubborns execs make!

A couple of Easyshare's now: The Kodak V803 is just under $160 and the Kodak M853 is around $120. The price varies depending on body color of the camera. And there's plenty of options! Even better one of the Kodak V1003 is offered at $154 via Ritz Camera. Of course people who don't need the extra megapixels may be more attracted towards the V803, which uses an 8mp 1/1.8" sensor!

Feed your Pentax K10D with this $39 Pentax D-LI50 Lithium-ion Battery via Cameta Cameras!

If you want a dummy for $50, consider this Digital Concepts Auto Focus Bounce Flash for Nikon Digital Cameras via Adorama!

Go underwater with film with the $53 SeaLife SL545 SportDiver II Compact 35mm Underwater Camera!

Last but not least the Nikon D40 one-lens kit bonus bundle from Cameta Cameras is now $495! The bonus includes a Nikon gadget bag, 2gb Transcend SD card, a USB reader and a couple of other trinkets. The straight up kit is offered at $470 from Amazon - without the bonus items!

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