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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Olympus E330 for $322 and other deals at Amazon

Cameta Cameras offers the Olympus E330, body only, for $322. Not a typo. This is a slightly older DSLR, using an 8mp Panasonic sensor (ok, 7.5mp). Also available in "Panasonic" as the L1. The price almost ($322) almost matches the model number (330). Intersted?

Meanwhile Samsung's 5x NV11 is offered by Adorama for $265. This has a 10mp sensor.

Not a Rebel, but a Canon 30D, body only, is offered for $800 even, by Adorama. Also at that price at B&H Photo.

Another bargain DSLR is the Pentax K100D Super, body only, for $357 after you submit a $100 mail-in rebate to Pentax. Not bad for a camera with sensor-shift stabilization. It is however "only" 6mp. For more on megapixel madness, be sure to visit 6mpixel.org

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