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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Radio Shack camera deals in the Sunday Paper

Let's take a quick look at the Radio Shack ad in the sunday papers. It features three digital cameras and a number of $10 accessories.

First up, the digital cameras! The always stylish Casios are great gifts for stylish people, and the EX-ZX75 black is a great example at $170. The price includes a free 1gb Sandisk SD memory card.

Not as stylish, but certainly compact, is the Canon SD 1000, with a free 1gb Sandisk SD card, which tries to make up for its rather high price of $200. But if you are in a hurry, and don't want to deal with the Circuit or Best Buy parking and crowds, you can be in and out of Radio ShaQ in minutes.

We wouldn't call it borderline ugly, but it's not sleek for sure. We are talking about the Sony Cybershot S700, a AA-based camera for $150. This includes a bonus 1gb Sony Memorstick. The free memory is a bigger deal here, because 1gb Memory Sticks cost about twice as much their SD/MMC equivalents. See the paragraph above on comparitive prices and such.

Accessorize for $10 each
Radio Shack has a series of $10 accessories. Here they are:

  • 50" Targus tripod. Just don't expect it to behave like one you pay 10x as much!
  • Grypton tripod. Another one with the flexible legs, different from the Gorillapod brand
  • Digital camera starter kits, one for small cameras, and another for medium sized. This is a collection of quasi-valuable accessories, but if you need one of them, then it's like getting the rest for free. Included is a semi-hard shell case, a mini tripod, and cleaning supplies. And a couple of other trinkets perhaps like screen protectors and memory card wallets. Check the store or website for details.
  • Targus 25-in-1 memory card reader. 25 you ask? Welcome to the Memory Card Babylon!

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