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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Seagull TLR, Canon SX100 IS, SD870 IS etc (Amazon)

First, let's take a quick break from digital cameras, and show you a flock of ...seagulls! The Seagull GC-105 Medium Format Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Camera with Built-in 75mm f/3.5 3 Element Lens is offered by Adorama on Amazon for $175. This is a TLR, not an SLR. TLR being Twin Lens Reflex. A picture follows for those not familiar with TLRs:

Now back to digital cameras
Camera Cameras offers a giant Canon Powershot SX100 IS bundle which includes a 4gb card and batteries/charger and trinkets.

For fans with a specific budget, the Nikon L11 is offered by Adorama Camera - it includes a 1gb memory card, case and table-top tripod as a bonus!

Fans of the wide angle Canon SD870IS can get a bundle from Cameta Camers for $355. This includes a 4gb card, spare battery, and trinkets. The SD870-IS is the one that starts at 28mm and has a giant LCD screen on the back, but no OVF. OVF being an optical viewfinder.

On the budget side of things, at $120, you can get the HP M637, sold and shipped by Amazon itself.

At the other end of the compact spectrum, the Sony T200 is offered as a bundel from Cameta cameras for $340. There is a new camera that was just announced, the Sony T300, but as you can expect the new one will cost $400 and will be a few more weeks before it even becomes available.

At exactly $100, you can get the GE A730, one of General Imaging's first wave of digital cameras. At $113 you can get the copper-brown-orange Kodak M753, an entry-level M-series mdoel from Kodak which however, uses LiIon batteries.

For all cameras with AA batteries that you do not use on a daily basis, we recommend that you use Sanyo Eneloops, or other rechargeable AA NiMH batteries that retain their charge over time. They save the battery because of fewer recharges, and they also save electricity since you recharge fewer times. But if you are draining your batteries on a daily basis, you are better off with traditional AA NiMH batteries.

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