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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday deals at Amazon

Let's see what we have on Sunday morning. With the CES 2008 trade show under way, and new cameras starting to be announced, we should (in theory) start seeing the previous models get some nice discounts. Not only that, but PMA 2008 is happening earlier this year (late January - early February) which should accelerate the wave of new products and the discounting of the older products. But there are no guarantees obviously.

First up, a giant bundle from Cameta Cameras, for $970, the Nikon D40x 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-135mm AF-S DX Nikkor Lens Outfit + Nikon SB-400 AF Speedlight Flash + Transcend 4GB 150x SecureDigital Card + High Speed USB 2.0 Card Reader + Nikon SLR Gadget Bag. Fries with that?

A second one from Cameta, this one a compact camera at $330 features the Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital ELPH 8.0 Megapixel Camera + Transcend 4GB 150x SecureDigital (SD) Card + High Speed USB 2.0 SecureDigital (SD) Card Reader + Spare NB-5L Battery for Canon + Padded Carrying Case. Note that this does not start at 28mm wide. The 28mm wide Elphs (aka Ixus, or Ixy) are the SD800 IS and the SD870 IS. Please don't ask me for their international names. It's so confusing! Canon please give them all the same name. Please!!!

Meanwhile the lovely Nikon D300 with the 18-200 DX VR lens is offered by Cameta Cameras for $2550. For those who must have it now. Must have it now! Must have it now!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the other hand the Nikon D80 with the 18-55 DX lens is at a nice price of $880 through Adorama - but there will be a replacement this year. Not that it matters if you want a camera now, and you don't want to pay more than $900.

You certainly pay a lot less with the Samsung S85, black, at just $122. This features a 5x lens, not stabilized, but a smaller 1/2.x" sensor. Not to be confused with the 8mp 1/1.8" Samsung S850!

At $150, you can get the Olympus Stylus 730 from Adorama. This is an older model, and it is not an SW (shockproof) model.

Red red wine! Ooops! Red Red Sony T50! Offered at just $200 by OneCall. This is obviously an older model, but if you like it and like the price, go for it!

It didn't take long for the new Kodak C813 to start picking up sales momentum, offered at $135 by a 3rd party seller named "ShopDigitalCorp". I haven't heard of them before. This is even selling at a *gasp* $15 "early availability" premium. Not quite the $1400 more the Nikon D3 is selling at, but it's about 10% higher than its list price! It is an 8mp with a 3x optical zoom camera after all. And Kodak told us they were leaving the entry-level market!

The Samsung NV15 temptation at $180 continues through J&R World. We talked about this yesterday when the price drop happened.

If you don't object to the reviews, at $212 the Pentax Z10 is an interesting alternative at this price point. But remember a 7x folded optics zoom lens is going to have some compromises compared to a "straight up" 7x zoom lens.

Rebel Rebel, your price is a mess! In a good way for consumers of course. At $750, and with the 18-55 EF-S lens, you can get the Canon Digital Rebel XTi from Adorama.

If you love the RED DOT (you know who you are), you can get the LEICA C-LUX 3 for $600 through J&R World. Or you can get the Panasonic equivalent, the Panasonic LX2 for almost half the price.

Flash! (not Flash Gordon)
47th Street Photo offers the Sigma EF-530 DG ST Electronic Flash for Canon DSLR for $160.

Then for digital owners, for $40, the Quantaray - QMS-D1 Wireless Digital Camera Flash Booster / Slave is offered by RitzCamera online.

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