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Monday, February 18, 2008

Camera deals at Circuit City this week

We have some interesting deals at Circuit City this week, partially thanks to the Presidents' Day weekend! We already mentioned the Samsung S73 offered at $80. That special price is only good before Tuesday. Not sure where the price will go on Tuesday.

DSLR Deals
The Nikon D40X with the kit lens is on sale for the price of $650. This DSLR is at 10 megapixels, but please keep in mind that it expects the lenses to have a focus motor. If you are just starting out, or you have no interest in no lenses, then it is a non-issue.

Compact digital cameras
If you love superzooms, the 18X Olympus SP-560uz is now listed at $400. Not familiar with this camera? Be sure to check for reviews. Google is your friend :)

Two sleek ultracompact Casio cameras are on sale, first up the Casio Exilim EX-S880 for just $200. This is ultrathin and it uses the new ceramic lens technology. Just don't expect it to behave like a Canon L-series lens :) The second Casio is the special bundle of the EX-Z77 for $160. What is the special bundle? An extra battery, extra mini tripod and extra case! Not bad! Infact, we will upgrade this to a BARGAIN ALERT!

If you love the nice and sleek style of the Sony T-series, you might be interested in the Sony Cybershot T200 offered at $370. Please keep in mind that Sony has a newer model in this series, the T300, which is available for pre-ordering.

If you are a Sony fan, but don't want to spend much, and you are not allergic to Memory Sticks, then for just $130, you can get the brand new Sony Cybershot S730.

Memory Cards
The SanDisk 2GB SD Card (2-Pack), model SDSDB22048A11 is offered for $30. Because this is a nice price, it may be out of stock for a while.

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