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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Camera deals at Fry's Electronics

Fry's Electronics has a four-pack of digital cameras of interest advertised in their Sunday paper ad. The most interesting price-wise is the red-red-wine Casio Exilim EX-S880 offered at $188. Math geeks can appreciate the symmetry there. This is the one with the ceramic lens, which is why it's so small and cutesy.

A bigger sensor, and not as cutesy, but still sleek compared to the rest of the manufacturers is the 10mp 1/1.8"-ish Casio EX-Z1080. The price is not bad, it is $230. Don't forget that Casio appears to be moving towards EX Z-series cameras with smaller sensors (1/2.33") with their 2008 models, so this may be a hard to find model in a few weeks/months.

Moving along, Panasonic is offering their FX-33, the camera that helped them take over the #2 spot in Japan for 2007 is offered at $247. Not the best of prices though since you can get it at Amazon for less, and no shipping and no sales tax.

The last of the serious cameras advertised is the Canon A650 IS, marred by early light leak issues. The camera is a poor man's G9 in some ways, but has twice the battery life when using the latest NiMH batteries. It goes for $330, a good 1.5 price stops below the G9.

Fry's also advertises the Disney Cameras model 626, no, not a Mazda. Price is $44. They even have a 1" color LCD. I assume they might even take pictures ;-)

They also offer an 8.4" digital photo frame from Lasonic, not Laconic, for $127. This is Lasonic model JL-305.

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