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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Camera deals at Radio Shack this week (2/10 to 2/16/08)

What does Radio Shack have in-store for us this week? Some nice deals, that's for sure!

First up, at $100 flat you can get the pink Samsung S73, and as a bonus you will receive a 1gb Sandisk SD memory card.

Moving up the price ladder, at $150 you have a choice of the GE E850 which starts at 28mm wide and with a 5x optical zoom lens, and the Kodak M853, in valentine red. The GE camera comes with a 1gb SD card as a bonus, while the Kodak comes with a 512mb bonus SD card.

Moving on up to $180, the Samsung S1050 also comes with a 1gb SD card. This camera uses AA batteries, has a 1/1.8" sensor, 5x optical zoom lens (but does not start at wide), and has some manual photographic controls as well.

Dollars and Sense
Radio Shack has a special financing offer as well, 12 months no interest with a minimum in-store purchase of $199 or more. You do have to make monthly payments however.

You can also buy a 2gb Sandisk SD memory card for $20, a typical brick and mortar price. If you prefer a 4gb SDHC, you can have it for $30, a better price per gigabyte, but you do put more eggs in one basket. Your choice!

Targus is offering a universal memory card reader on sale for the price of $10. This is a USB based reader.

And a 9" digital photo frame carrying the house-brand Optimus for exactly $100. Remote control is included, and it does have a memory card reader.

More details
For more details, and to find a local store near you, be sure to check RadioShack.com.

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